Fel Iron Ore farming

This Fel Iron Ore farming guide will show you the best place for mining Fel Iron Ore. You need a Mining skill of 275 if you want to farm Fel Iron Ore and you can only farm it at Outland.

You will notice that this ore is a lot less common than Thorium or any other ores in Azeroth, this is the reason why Fel Iron is usually expensive at the Auction House.

Fel Iron Ore

Hellfire Penninsula

Hellfire Penninsula is the best and actually the only place where you can farm Fel Iron. You will find this ore at Zangarmarsh too but a lot less. There are also a few Fel Iron deposits in most zones, but 95% of the ores are Adamantite Ore in other zones.

The route below is the one that I think will give you the most ore. The respawn time is fast enough that you don't have to go around in the whole zone, but if you notice someone else farming in the zone, you might want to try just to go in a big loop near the edge of the mountains.

Once you are done mining Fel Iron, go to my Adamantite Ore Farming page!