Ghost Iron Ore Farming

This Ghost Iron Ore farming guide will show you the best places for mining Ghost Iron Ore. There are two types of Ghost Iron Deposit, one if them is the normal Ghost Iron Deposit and there is also Rich Ghost Iron Deposit. You can mine this ore from skill 1, but you will only get [Ghost Iron Nugget] until you reach Mining skill 450-500 (10 nuggets makes one ore). Keep in mind you will not have access to flying mounts until you reach level 90. You won't farm Ghost Iron Ore that efficiently before you reach level 90.

I must also mention that Trillium Veins are rare spawn of Ghost Iron Deposits.

Ghost Iron Ore

Valley of the Four Winds

Valley of the Four Winds is the best place to farm Ghost Iron Ore, but sometimes it can get a bit busy because of the Tiller daily quests. If you don't have flying mount, just skip the part where you have to go on top of that mountain.

Jade Forest

Jade Forest is also a great place to farm, especially if you are not level 90 yet. This route is mainly designed if you have a flying mount, but there is only a few places where you have to alter the route if you can't use flying mount yet.

Townlong Steppes

Townlong Steppes is another great place, there is usually very few people farming in this zone.

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