Peacebloom and Silverleaf farming

Peacebloom and Silverleaf are the two lowest level herbs, both requires only level 1 Herbalism, which means you can pick these herbs as soon as you learn Herbalism. I made this Peacebloom and Silverleaf farming guide to help out players who want to farm the herbs instead of buying them from the Auction House.

Below you will find a list of places where I could farm the most Peacebloom and Silverleaf. These two herbs can be found in the same zones, so I combined the Peacebloom farming guide with the Silverleaf farming guide.

Peacebloom and Silverleaf

Tirisfal Glades - Horde

Tirisfal Glades is the best zones for Horde players to farm these two herbs. There is Herbalism trainer in Brill which makes this place even better.

Elwyn Forest - Alliance

Alliance players should go to Elwyn Forest. One big circle in the zone and all herbs will respawn by the time you get to the point where you started.