WoW First Aid Leveling Guide 1 - 800

This First Aid leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to get your First Aid skill up from 1 to 800.

First Aid is recommended to all classes as a way of reducing downtime between battles, by quickly restoring health after combat. It is highly recommended for melee classes without healing abilities.

NOTE: If you are level 90 already, you can jump straight to the Warlords of Draenor part. You can also craft the new legion recipes from skill 1, but it's a lot cheaper to level with Draenor recipes, and they are also easier to farm.

Approximate Cloths Required for 1-800:

  • 119 Linen Cloth
  • 71 Wool Cloth
  • 89 Silk Cloth
  • 50 Mageweave Cloth
  • 50 Runecloth
  • 50 Netherweave Cloth
  • 76 Frostweave Cloth
  • 75 Embersilk Cloth
  • 124 Windwool Cloth
  • 200 Sea Scorpion Segment
  • 270 Shal'dorei silk
  • 225 Silver Mackerel
  • 45 Leystone Ore

At first, visit any First Aid trainer, pick up the profession and you will automatically learn to make Linen Bandage.

  • 1 - 40
    39 x [Linen Bandage] - 39 Linen cloth
  • 40 - 80
    40 x [Heavy Linen Bandage] - 80 Linen Cloth

    You'll have to visit your trainer again at 75 (or 50) to be able to continue skilling up to 150.

80 - 145

145 - 210

Learn Expert First Aid

210 - 300

Learn Artisan First Aid

300 - 350

Learn Master First Aid.

350 - 426

Learn Grand Master First Aid.

  • 350 - 390
    40 x [Frostweave Bandage] - 40 Frostweave Cloth

    Netherweave Cloth is usually a lot cheaper, so make more Heavy Netherweave Bandage if you don't have Frostweave Cloth.
  • 390 - 426
    18 [Heavy Frostweave Bandage] - 36 Frostweave Cloth

426 - 501

Learn Illustrious Grand Master First Aid.

501 - 600

Learn Zen First Aid.

600 - 700 or 1-700

Kill mobs at Draenor until you get [First Aid in Draenor]. It seems it only drops from Humanoids and Giants.

If you start from skill one, you have to make 120 [Healing Tonic] or 120 [Antiseptic Bandage]. It depends on if 1200 Sea Scorpion Segment is cheaper than 600 Sumptuous Fur. But the Fur is usually cheaper.

Check out my Sumptuous Fur farming guide if you want to farm the cloths.

  • 600 -700
    20 x [Healing Tonic] - 200 Sea Scorpion Segment

    You can also start making [Silkweave Bandage] if Sea Scorpion Segment is too expensive. You will need 100 [Shal'dorei Silk], so check which one is cheaper. You can learn this recipe from any First Aid trainer.

700 - 800

All of these recipes below will be green for the last 10 points, so you will probably need to craft between 40-70 from each. You can learn these recipes from your First Aid trainer.

Important! If you get any First Aid quest while leveling, don't complete them until you reach 790. These quest will be the only way to get to 800, so it's better to save them.

  • 730 - 760
    45 x [Silvery Salve] - 225 x [Silver Mackerel]

    If you are honored with the wardens, you should make [Feathered Luffa] until 760. The problem is you often can't find enough [Pristine Falcosaur Feather] at the Auction House to reach 760, so you will have to make Silvery Salve. (you should compare the price of 10 x Pristine Falcosaur Feather against 5 x Silver Mackerel)

    Check the previous step in the guide to see where you can buy this recipe.

I hope you liked this First Aid leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 800!

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