Cooking Leveling Guide 1 - 525 for players below level 80

Using of this cooking leveling guide is only recommended if you don't have the Mist of Pandaria expansion or if for some reason you want to level cooking to 525 before your character reaches level 80. It's recommended to wait until you reach level 80 and use the new Legion Cooking leveling Guide.

Cooking guide sections:

Cooking Leveling Guide 1 - 80

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Apprentice Cooking.

If it's November, you might want to check out my Pilgrim's Bounty cooking leveling guide. You can level cooking to 350 in about an hour.

If you won't level cooking to 400 in one day, scroll down to the daily cooking quests part at 400. You will have to complete a few daily quests if you want to level cooking to 525, and it will be faster to level cooking if you start doing the quests sooner.

  • 1 - 40
    60 x [Spice Bread] - 60 [Simple Flour], 60 Mild Spices

    Please read the section above this part if you didn't read it already. It is important.

80 - 130

Learn Journeyman Cooking.

  • 80 - 130
    Go to the Twilight Shore in Darkshore and farm Encrusted Tide Crawlers and other sea creatures, this is the recommended method for alliance players who have the Cooked Crab Claw recipe.

    You can also go to Ashenvale and head to the Zoram Strand, where the sea is (north-west) and kill all kinds of sea creatures there.

    [Boiled Clams] - 1 Clam Meat, 1 Refreshing Spring Water - clam meat can be found in [Small Barnacled Clam]
    [Crab Cake] - 1 Crawler Meat

    Cook around 30 Calms first because the recipe turns green at 110 and then cook Crawler Meats up to 130.

    Alliance players can buy the following recipe because the Crawlers drop Crawler Claws. (kind of obvious)

    [Cooked Crab Claw] - Recipe sold by these vendors

130 - 225

Learn Expert Cooking.

225 - 300

Learn Artisan Cooking.

  • 250 - 285
    40 x [Juicy Bear Burger] - 40 [Bear Flank]

    There is another really good recipe for the 275-300 part, but you have to run one Dire Maul east. The recipe is dropped by Pusillin and it's called [Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise].

    When you enter the instance, you can find Pusillin at the entrance, he is on the left side, then you just have to go and talk to him then follow him and talk to him again as soon as you catch up to him. At the end the imp will become hostile and you can kill him (Finally! Annoying little bastard!).

    You can solo this instance if you are around level 70, but it's a lot easier for higher levels. The recipe binds when picked up, this means it's a bit harder to get it with a group at low level, I would not recommend it to get a group of low levels just for this one recipe, you can level Cooking faster with the other recipes.

    The recipe uses [Runn Tum Tuber] as material, you can find these in [Warpwood Pods], they are all around in the instance (read the first comments on wowhead). I could get 25 of them in one run, which is enough to level Cooking to 300 with this one recipe.

    I must also mention that you could use this recipe to level up your Cooking to 325, just make a few more instance runs. This way you won't have to do the quests at the next part.

300 - 350

Visit your trainer and learn Cooking Master.

350 - 450

Visit your trainer and learn Cooking Grand Master.

  • 350 - 365
    Get the Northern Cooking quest at Northrend and complete it. It requires 4 Chilled Meat. Completing this quest will teach you how to create [Northern Stew]

    If you click on the link above and scroll down, you will see all the quest givers that gives you the Northern Cooking quest. For both Horde and Alliance.

    20 x [Northern Stew] - 20 Chilled Meat
  • 365 - 375
    The Cooking trainer will teach you a lot of recipes, all of them will turn green at 382 and gray at 415. Any of these recipes are good for skilling up Cooking. I recommend Rhino Dogs if you want to farm the materials. There are a lot of Rhinos around Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra, and they respawn really quickly.

    If you want to buy the materials, you should check the prices for Rhino Meat, Worm Meat and Fangtooth Herring. These are usually the cheapest ones.

    13 x [Rhino Dogs] - 13 [Rhino Meat]
  • 375 - 400
    Making one Kungaloosh costs 66 silver, so if you find out that Rhino Dogs, Worm Meat or Fangtooth Herring are cheaper than that, buy those instead.

    You have to finish a quest chain first. It starts with the quest called Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor and ends with The Taste Test. After you completed the quest chain, go to Dalaran and find the Washed-Up Mage, he is in the underbelly (sewers). He will teach you how to make [Kungaloosh]. After that, go to the Dalaran Fruit Vendor and you can just buy the materials from him.

Daily Cooking quests

Most cooking recipes will be purchased with [Epicurean's Award] from this point, which are obtained by completing the daily cooking quest given by Marogg (Horde) or Robby Flay (Alliance) in Orgrimmar and Stormwind (requires character level 10). Or complete the daily cooking quest given by Katherine Lee (Alliance) or Awilo Lon'gomba (Horde) in Dalaran. (requires character level 65). You can only complete ONE of these quests per day.

  • 400 - 415
    Make the recipe what you made at the 365 - 375 part if you don't want to do the daily quests mentioned above. The recipe will be green which means you will not gain skill points for every craft, I only recommend this if you want to reach 525 as fast as possible.

    Choose one recipe from these, and make it until you reach 415. The recipes are sold by Derek Odds (Alliance) and Misensi (Horde) for 3 [Epicurean's Award] . If you want to buy the materials, you should buy [Recipe: Critter Bites], Chilled Meat is usually the cheapest.

    If you bought the recipe [Recipe: Critter Bites] and there are a lot of Chilled Meat and Northern Spices at the Auction House, you could try to make Critter Bites up to 450 or even 475, this way you will need fewer [Epicurean's Award] in total.
  • 415 - 430
    15 x [Darkbrew Lager] - 30 Skin of Dwarven Stout, 15 Jug of Bourbon

    You can actually make this one up to 440 if you want to. The reagents are sold by these vendors, don't buy them at the Auction House.

450 - 525

Visit your trainer and learn Cooking Illustrious Grand Master.

From this point, every recipe will be purchased with [Epicurean's Award], Once you have enough awards, you can visit Shazdar (Horde) or Bario Matalli (Alliance) and buy new recipes. One recipe usually cost 3 [Epicurean's Award].

Check your Calendar in-game to see if the Darkmoon Faire is open, the event starts at 00:01 on the Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month.

You can gain +5 skill points by completing a single quest. Click here to read more about the quests.

I hope you liked this Cooking Guide, GZ to 525!

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