WoW Cooking Leveling Guide 1 - 600

This Cooking leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Cooking skill from 1 to 600. Updated for patch 6.0.2

Mists of Pandaria altered the process of leveling cooking. It allows players to raise their cooking skill from 1 to 525 very quickly, primarily using vendor-purchased ingredients. Then from 525 to 600 it's a lot slower to level cooking. The recipes used here require at least level 85 and access to the continent of Pandaria. If your level is not high enough, you can visit my older cooking leveling guide, but what I recommend is just to wait until you reach level 85. It's really easy to level cooking to 520 with this new method. It takes about 20 minutes, while with the older method it would take hours and even days because you need to do daily quests to get the recipes.

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Cooking leveling guide 1-520

Every recipe grant 5 skillups per craft up to 525 as long as they're orange. A few of the recipes require [Golden Carp], which can be fished from any water in Pandaria. Just learn fishing and fish in any water in Pandaria, you will catch one every single time. You will also need two [Wildfowl Breast], it's dropped by Glade Sprinters near Halfhill Market.

Go to the Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds and talk to Sungshin Ironpaw.

I could list all the recipes you will use, but there is no real need for that. You can figure it out yourself.

1. Learn a recipe.
2. Buy the ingredients from Sungshin Ironpaw.
3. Make the recipe until it turns yellow.
4. Learn new recipe.
5. Repeat this until you reach 520.

Don't forget to learn the new ranks of cooking at 50, 125, 275, 350 and at 425!

Learning the new ranks and the recipes will cost around 340 gold.

As I mentioned there are parts where you need some [Golden Carp](42 in total). These parts are at:

You can fish Golden Carp even with fishing skill 1 in any water in Pandaria.

520 - 600

Talk to Sungshin Ironpaw again and accept the quest So You Want to Be a Chef.... Make 5 Sliced Peaches, and turn in the quest. Talk to her again, accept the quest Ready for Greatness, make 5 Rice Pudding, and turn in the quest.

6 new quests now open up, 1 for each Cooking specialization. 5 Ways are associated with 1 primary stat and one with getting drunk.

Agility - Way of the Wok
Strength - Way of the Grill
Stamina - Way of the Oven
Intellect - Way of the Pot
Spirit - Way of the Steamer
Getting drunk - Way of the Brew

These specializations are not exclusive; you can learn all 6 on a single character. You gain cooking skill in each Way separately. Your cooking skill in general is equal to your highest skill in any way. At 575, all Ways get recipes for a 10man and a 25man Banquet, that will increase stats by 250. Note that the Banquets are not bound to the Way's stat; a rogue eating from a Banquet of the Steamer will still get 250 Agility from it, even though the Way of the Steamer is associated with Spirit.

At 600 you can learn the ultimate recipe of a Way, which allows you to create food that increases the Way's associated stat by 300.

Each Way levels up via a similar method:

First you need to Complete a quest to learn the cooking Way. All quests start from Sungshin Ironpaw, and require ingredients to be delivered to the Way's trainer. Below you will find the required materials for every specialization.

Way of the Brew - No stat gain

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

25 x [Ginseng]
65x [Jade Squash]
250x [Green Cabbage]
315x [Witchberries]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Brew. Deliver [Ginseng] to Bobo Ironpaw. You can buy Ginseng from these vendors.

Way of the Grill - Strength

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

30 x [Raw Tiger Steak]
65 x [Striped Melon]
13 x [Jade Lungfish]
50 x [Redbelly Mandarin]
50 x [Raw Crab Meat]
250 x [White Turnip]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Grill. Deliver 5 x [Raw Tiger Steak] to Kol Ironpaw.

Way of the Oven - Stamina

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

30 x [Wildfowl Breast]
76 x [Krasarang Paddlefish]
250 x [Mogu Pumpkin]
50 x [Raw Turtle Meat]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Oven. Deliver 5 x [Wildfowl Breast] to Jian Ironpaw.

Way of the Pot - Intellect

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

30 x [Jade Lungfish]
13 x [Raw Turtle Meat]
315 x [Juicycrunch Carrot]
50 x [Mushan Ribs]
50 x [Reef Octopus]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Pot from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5 [Jade Lungfish] to Mei Mei Ironpaw

Way of the Steamer - Spirit

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

30 x [Giant Mantis Shrimp]
63 x [Emperor Salmon]
65 x [Scallions]
250 x [Jade Squash]
50 x [Wildfowl Breast]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Steamer from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5x [Giant Mantis Shrimp] to Yan Ironpaw.

Way of the Wok - Agility

Total Ingredients 525 - 600:

55 x [Juicycrunch Carrot]
13 x [Reef Octopus]
13 x [Wildfowl Breast]
50 x [Raw Crocolisk Belly]
50 x [Giant Mantis Shrimp]
250 x [Red Blossom Leek]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Wok from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5 x [Juicycrunch Carrot] to Anthea Ironpaw.

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