WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide 1 - 700

This Enchanting leveling guide will show you the fastest and easiest way how to level your Enchanting skill up from 1 to 700. Updated for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1

You will spend a lot of gold on this profession if you want to buy every materials from the Auction House. It depends on the realm economy, but can cost up to thousands of gold.

Enchanting goes well with Tailoring because you don't need a gathering profession to support either of these. And if you level Tailoring and Enchanting at the same time, you can disenchant most of the cloths you make.

If you are low on gold, I recommend you to try this Gold Making Guide, it can help you to make loads of gold.

If you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt, I recommend you to use a leveling guide. You can level your character to level 100 in 7 days with this guide.

Enchanting guide sections:

Apprentice 1 - 50
Journeyman 50 - 135
Expert 135 - 220
Artisan 220 - 300
Master 300 - 350
Grand Master 350 - 425
Illustrious 425 - 500
Zen 500 - 600
Warlords of Draenor 600 - 700

Approximate Materials Required for 1-700:

It's not recommended to buy everything before you get to that skill level where you need the materials.

  • 1 x Copper Rod
  • 134 x Strange Dust
  • 10 x Greater Magic Essence
  • 10 x Simple Wood - vendor
  • 25 x Lesser Astral Essence
  • 120 x Soul Dust
  • 155 x Vision Dust
  • 20 x Purple Lotus
  • 25 x Lesser Nether Essence
  • 15 x Lesser Eternal Essence
  • 230 x Dream Dust

Burning Crusade - Outland

  • 340 x Arcane Dust
  • 5 x Large Prismatic Shard
  • 20 x Lesser Planar Essence
  • 15 x Nightmare Vine
  • 15 x Crystal Vial - vendor

Wrath of the Lich King - Northrend

  • 102 x Infinite Dust
  • 27 x Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 15 Abyss Crystal
  • 3 x Dream Shard


  • 353 x Hypnotic Dust
  • 10 x Lesser Celestial Essence
  • 30 x Greater Celestial Essence


  • 125 x Spirit Dust
  • 34 x Mysterious essence

Warlords of Draeenor

Enchanting Leveling Guide 1 - 50

First, let's see which items gives what when you disenchant it. Go to my Disenchanting Guide to find more information about disenchanting.

Visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Apprentice Enchanting.

Check out my Enchanting guide 1-110. It's about leveling Enchanting from 1 to 110 with almost no cost at all.

I also recommend you to go to the Auction House right now and search for the following recipe: [Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina]

You should put most enchants on a Vellum if you can afford it, then try to sell the enchant at the Auction House. You can buy [Enchanting Vellum] from the Enchanting Supply vendors near your trainer.

50 - 135

Learn Enchanting Journeyman.

  • 90-100
    10 x [Enchant Bracer: Minor Stamina] - 30 Strange Dust
  • If the Strange Dust is cheap and the Greater Magic Essence is too expensive on your realm, you can make this Enchant up to 120.

  • 100-110
    10 x [Greater Magic Wand] - 10 Simple Wood, 10 Greater Magic Essence
  • You can buy Simple Wood from Enchanting Supply vendors near your trainer, or any Generals Goods vendor.

135 - 220

Learn Enchanting Expert.

  • 155-185
    40 x [Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength] 80 Soul Dust

    Read the 110-135 part if you started the guide from this point. There is a location listed there for this recipe.

    This one turns yellow at 165, however if 2 Soul Dust is a lot cheaper than 1 Lesser Mystic Essence, keep making these until 185. If it's not then at 165 switch to:

220 - 275

Learn Enchanting Artisan.

  • 265-300
    40 x [Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina] - 200 Dream Dust

    Recipe location - Watch out! This one binds when picked up. Don't make the mistake of trying to buy it with an alt and mail it. It's also a limited supply item, this means you have to wait if someone bought it before you.

  • Check the Auction House and if 2 [Small Brilliant Shard] is cheaper than 5 [Dream Dust], then go to Winterspring and find Qia, then buy the recipe [Formula: Enchant Chest - Major Health], and make the enchant until you run out of Shards, or until you reach 300. The recipe requires Enchanting skill 275 to learn, so you will need some Dream Dust between 265-275 to make the Shield enchant.

300 - 350

Visit your trainer and learn Enchanting Master.

  • 320-330

    12 x [Enchant Gloves - Assault] - 96 Arcane Dust

    If Arcane Dust is expensive on your realm, or you don't want to level with a yellow recipe because it's based on luck how many skill points you gain, then you should make the following recipe:

    10 x [Enchant Chest - Major Spirit] - 20 Greater Planar Essence

  • 330-335
    5 x [Enchant Shield - Major Stamina] - 75 Arcane Dust

    Recipe sold by Madame Ruby at Shattrath City. While you are here, you should also buy the next two recipe in the guide. Do not leave Outland until you bought them. Just click on the links below and see where they are. Superior Wizard Oil is also sold by Madame Ruby.

  • 335-340
    5 x [Enchant Shield - Resilience] - 5 Large Prismatic Shard, 20 Lesser Planar Essence

    There is an alternative really cheap method, but only Blood Elves can benefit from it. Due to their Racial Ability it allows them to gain ten free skill ups by converting a Large Prismatic Shard into three Small Prismatic Shards and back again. Only the conversion from one Large Prismatic Shard to three Small Prismatic Shards is effected by this. Therefore, you will only have the chance to gain skill ups half of the time (since the other half of the time you'll be converting back to three Small Prismatic Shards). This can make for a fairly lengthy session in gaining your ten free levels.

    What you need:
    [Formula: Large Prismatic Shard] - Sold by these NPCS.
    [Formula: Small Prismatic Shard] - You learn this from your trainer.

  • 340-350
    15 x [Superior Wizard Oil] - 45 Arcane Dust, 15 Nightmare Vine, 15 Crystal Vial - Recipe location

    You can buy Crystal Vial from trade supply, or alchemy supply vendors.

    This recipe is yellow already when you learn it, so you might need to make 14-16.

350 - 425

Visit your trainer and learn Enchanting Grand Master.

  • 390-405
    15 x [Abyssal Shatter] - 15 Abyss Crystal
  • Use the dusts and essences you get from shattering the crystals to level enchanting up to 425, then sell the rest at the Auction House. If your level is high enough, you can get [Abyss Crystal] from old raid instances at Northrend. 10man is a lot easier, but I recommend Naxxramas 25man if you can handle it. (25man drops 4 epic instead of 2)

    Make the enchants below if you can't farm or buy [Abyss Crystal]

425 - 500

Visit your trainer and learn Enchanting Illustrious Grand Master.

From this point you should really try to put most enchants on a Vellum, then try to sell the enchant at the Auction House.

  • 485-490
    5 x [Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste] - 25 Hypnotic Dust, 10 Greater Celestial Essence

    You can also start making the next recipe in the guide if you want to, and skip this part. It depends on the price of Greater Celestial Essence.

Check your Calendar in-game to see if the Darkmoon Faire is open, the event starts at 00:01 on the Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month.

You can gain +5 skill points by completing a single quest. Click here to read more about the quests.

500 - 600

Visit your trainer and learn Zen Enchanting.

600 - 700

Things change a bit in Warlords of Draenor because you no longer learn the next rank from your trainer. You have to get a [Draenor Enchanting] scroll to upgrade your maximum Enchanting skill to 700. This scroll will also teach you a few basic recipes which you will use to level Enchanting.

There are three ways to obtain this scroll:

Work Orders

Work orders convert 5 x [Draenic Dust] to 2 x [Fractured Temporal Crystal], or 4 if you have a follower in your building. You can read more about followers if you read my Guide to Followers with Profession Traits. One work order takes 4 hour to complete, but you can queue up a bunch of work orders, so you don't have to log in every 4 hours.

What you need to know is that every recipe between 600-700 that you can use to level require [Fractured Temporal Crystal]. You have to complete work orders, and you also have to make your daily profession cooldown [Temporal Crystal] every day to get these crystals.

Obtaining new recipes

The recipes your learned from the scroll are only good for leveling between 1-600. You have to purchase new recipe at the Enchanter's Study to level up to 700.

When you learn [Draenor Enchanting], you learn [Secrets of Draenor Enchanting]. This recipe is needed to create the currency that you can use to buy new recipes, but you can only make one from this currency each day.

Leveling 600-700

Create [Secrets of Draenor Enchanting] and use it to buy recipes at your Enchanter's Study. You need to complete the Work Order quest before you can buy recipes.

Make 7 x [Mark of Blackrock] or [Mark of Shadowmoon].

You will need 21 [Temporal Crystal] to reach 700. It depends on if you are buying the Crylstals or making them. Because if you make them, you will get a few skill ups from your daily cooldowns, so you should need fewer crystals.

You will also need 35 [Sorcerous Earth] or [Sorcerous Fire] (or get 17-18). You can get these by completing work orders at your garrison, or doing your daily profession cooldown.

You can reach 700 by making only your profession cooldown and Secret of Draenor Enchanting, but that would probably take around 60-70 days.

I hope you liked this Enchanting guide, congratulations to 700!

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