Smelting 1 - 525 - Mining Leveling Guide

This Mining leveling guide will help you to level Mining a lot faster by using the ability called Smelting. You get this ability when you learn Mining.

My Mining leveling guide shows you a lot slower way to level mining, but that way will cost you nothing. You will need a lot of gold if you want to level mining by smelting only. However, most of the time if you sell every bar you made from the ores, you will make all of your gold back.

Most of the these smelting recipes will be yellow or green, that is why I cannot list the exact number of ores that you will need, it's different for every person and mainly based on luck.

The numbers below are just approximate numbers!

  • 70 x Copper Ore
  • 70 x Tin Ore
  • 10 x Silver Ore
  • 40 x Iron Ore
  • 15 x Gold Ore
  • 55 x Mithril Ore
  • 15 x Truesilver Ore
  • 130 x Thorium Ore
  • 220 x Fel Iron Ore
  • 120 x Adamantite Ore
  • 60 x Cobalt Ore
  • 100 x Saronite Ore
  • 240 x Obsidium Ore
  • 200 x Elementium Ore
  • 70 x Ghost Iron Ore

Smelting Guide 1 - 70

  • 1 - 50

    Smelt 70 x [Copper Ore]. Don't sell these yet, you will need them.

  • 50 - 70

    Smelt 70 x [Tin Ore].

    Save the bars because you will need them to make [Bronze Bars]. You can still go to the next step even if you did not reach 70.

70 - 150

Visit your trainer and learn Mining Journeyman.

  • 70 - 90

    Smelt 70 x [Bronze Bars].

    Don't worry if you didn't reach 90, you can still continue with the next step but you will need a bit more Silver Ore.

  • 90 - 100

    Smelt 10 x [Silver Ore].

    This part can be really expensive, I recommend you to mine some Tin Ore instead of smelting Silver. My Tin Ore farming guide can help you to locate the best zones for farming Tin.

    If there is no Silver Ore at the Auction House, you have to smelt more Bronze Bars up to 100.

  • 135 - 150
    Smelt 15 x [Gold Ore].

    If you don't have Gold Ore you will have to smelt more Iron Ore, or visit my Iron Ore farming guide and mine Iron until you reach 150.

150 - 200

Visit your trainer and learn Mining Expert.

  • 150 - 185
    Smelt 55 x [Mithril Ore].

    If you can buy 25 [Truesilver Ore] at the Auction House then you could stop smelting Mithril at 175 and jump to the next part. So, this party really depends on how many Truesilver you can buy and of course how expensive it is to buy them.

    I recommend you to stop smelting Mithril at 185 because you will gain skill-ups a lot less frequently.

200 - 275

Visit your trainer and learn Mining Artisan.

  • 200 - 275

    Smelt 130 x [Thorium Ore].

    Between 250 and 270 you could also make a few [Enchanted Thorium Bar]. I just don't like to make these items because they don't sell really well.

275 - 375

Visit your trainer and learn Mining Master.

  • 340 - 350
    Sorry, no smelting recipe for this part. You will have to mine a few ores! Go to Outland and mine a few Adamantite Ore.

375 - 525

Visit your trainer and learn Mining Grand Master.

  • 375 - 400
    Visit my mining leveling guide to mine some Cobalt and Saronite because there is nothing that you can smelt at this skill range.

Learn Illustrious Grand Master Mining.

Learn Zen Mining.

That's it. You cannot level further with smelting. Visit my mining leveling guide or my Ghost Iron Ore farming guide and mine some Ghost Irone Ore! I hope you liked this smelting guide!

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