Deep Sea Satin Farming Guide

I made this Deep Sea Satin farming guide to help out players who want to farm the cloths instead of buying them from the Auction House. I traveled around Zuldazar and Kul Tiras to search for places with high density of mobs which I can kill and drop Deep Sea Satin. Below you will find a list of places I think are the best for farming Deep Sea Satin.

Deep Sea Satin is droppey by every mob that can drop Tidespray Linen.

Deep Sea Satin


Tailors will get much more cloth than non-Tailors, even if their Tailoring skill is 1. Don't expect much cloths if you farm without Tailoring.

Keep in mind! Several people can tag the same mob and still get loot. So, even if someone is already killing your mob, you can just help him and you can loot it too.


There are 3 really good farming location in Voldun. The first one in the list is usually the best, but depending on your class/spec you might prefer the other two, so you should try out all three.

If you stand at the location marked on the map. You will see a bunch of Fathless mobs all around you. They have really low HP and the number of them can't go below 2-3, so one will instantly respawn if you are close to killing all of them. You basically have to walk 30-40 yards back and forth around this spot. (screenshot of the exact location).

With a long-ranged class like a hunter, it's possible you don't even have to move from the spot at all, you can just pull the mobs from 30 yards away to you.

Vol'dun - 2nd location

This place is like the previous, but there are a bit fewer mobs here. (screenshot of the exact location)

Vol'dun - 3rd location

You will find a lot of Skycaller Apprentice at the marked location. They all have really low HP and 3-4 of them are always up.

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