Dark Iron Ore Smelting Guide

Learning to Smelt Dark Iron requires completion of a quest inside the Blackrock Depths instance. Navigating inside this instance is really difficult if you are not familiar with the place, so I put together this Dark Iron smelting guide to explain how to complete the quest.

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Table of Contents

Quest Requirements

First of all, make sure that you have all the Dark Iron Ore that you want to smelt. Smelting the bars require the Black Forge, which is also inside Blackrock Depths. You cannot smelt Dark Iron in any normal forge, so buy/farm them before you start the quest, or you have to go back there a second time.

Before entering the instance, you must level your Mining skill to at least 230. You can visit my Vanilla Mining leveling guide or my Smelting guide to help you level up Mining. I recommend the Smelting guide if you want to get to 230 quickly.

Also, make sure that you have these items in your inventory before you get to Blackrock Depths:

You can't complete the quest without these!

How to get to Blackrock Depths

To get to Blackrock Depths, enter Blackrock Mountain from either southwest Searing Gorge or northwest Burning Steppes. After you enter Blackrock Mountain, just open your map and head to the location I marked with a red X on the map below, then go inside the cave. Now you can open your map again, and you will see the entrance to Blackrock Depths on this map.

Finding the Quest

1. Once inside the instance, turn to your right and you will see a large drilling machine. Click on it and choose the option "Just past The Grim Guzzler". This will teleport you to another part of the instance.

2. After using the drilling machine, head to the first entrance to the right.

Follow the route below until you reach "The Seven" boss, then look for the dwarf named Gloom'rel. He is the second dwarf on the right upon entering the Summoner's Tomb.

  1. Speak to Gloom'rel and click on "Gloom'rel tell me your secrets!"
  2. He will summon the Spectral Chalice to the right of him. Click on the Chalice and accept the quest The Spectral Chalice. (requires Mining 230)
  3. Complete the Quest
  4. Talk to Gloom'rel again, and click on "I have paid your price, Gloom'rel. Now, teach me your secrets!"
  5. Now you can smelt Dark Iron Ore, but do not hearthstone away yet! Read on how to get to the Black Forge.
Finding Gloom'rel

Where to Smelt Dark Iron Ore

Smelting the bars require the Black Forge. You cannot smelt Dark Iron in any normal forge.

Speak with Doom'rel to start the boss encounter in which you will face the seven ghost dwarves, one after another. Kill the seven dwarves and the door will open that leads you to the Black Forge.

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