Legion Profession Changes - Overview

Professions in World of Warcraft Legion will be drastically different than how they worked in Warlords of Draenor with garrisons. This guide provides an overview of the new items and professions changes in Legion.

Profession Quests

  • Each profession will get a unique quest line, these quests will immerse your character in the story and they will try to mimic what you would do if you had that profession in real-life. (like smelting different kind of metals, and ores for blacksmithing)
  • You learn most recipes from quests, but there are still a few recipes that drops from creatures.
  • These are not max. level quests, you can start doing them as you level up, but there are level requirements for later quests so you can't finish them all at level 100.

New improved crafting UI

  • There is a new Unlearned tab where you can check which recipes you are missing and where to get them.
  • The new profession window is much larger.
  • Filter options for slots, category, and sources.
  • Many new categories for recipes.

Recipe Ranks

  • Most Legion recipes now have 3 ranks.
  • Higher rank recipes allow you to craft an item for fewer materials, or you get more potions/food for the same amount of material.
  • Gathering professions will also have ranks, with each rank you can usually get more material from a mob/node or have a chance to get Blood of Sargeras.

Swapping Professions

  • In Legion, most recipes are from quests. And there's no way to redo a quest if you drop and relearn a profession, so books are a solution to giving you back the rewards from completed profession quests.
  • Books cost 1000g and you can simply buy them from a vendor near your trainer at Dalaran. (example: [Forgotten Patterns of the Broken Isles])
  • You will only get back the recipes you got from questing. If you got a recipe from a mob and not a quest, you have to go and farm that recipe again. Basically, you will only get back the Legion questing recipes, no old world recipes or anything.
  • You will start your profession from skill 1 again and you don't get back the rank 2-3 recipes that you got from vendors/wolrd quests.

End-game Crafting System

  • You can use [Obliterum] to increase the ilvl of your crafted gear by 5, from 815 to 850. The Obliterum Forge at Dalaran is used to get this item, you can brake down Legion crafted items to get [Obliterum Ash].
  • [Obliterum] doesn't bind when picked up, so you can buy them from the Auction House, but you still need to have 2 [Blood of Sargeras] to use it, and you can only use it on soulbound items.
  • [Blood of Sargeras] is the new crafting material that is used for most high level crafted gear and item level upgrades. (Binds when picked up)
  • Gathereres can get [Blood of Sargeras] with Rank 2 mining, skinning, or herbalism recipes. Other sources: World Quests, Bosses in dungeons, disenchanting.

Crafting Professions









Gathering Professions


  • You get the same number of herbs with herbalism skill 1 as with higher level herbalism, there are no longer partial herbs that you have to combine to get a herb.
  • List of new herbs and their Rank 3 perks:
    • [Felwort] - Gather seeds from all Broken Isles herbs.
    • [Starlight Rose] - Attempting to gather a starlight rose will always succeed.
    • [Foxflower] - Gather even more materials from each foxflower plant.
    • [Fjarnskaggl] - Mount quickly after gathering any herb in the Broken Isles.
    • [Aethril] - Gathering herbs in the Broken Isles may cause additional herbs to appear.
    • [Dreamleaf] - Gather even more materials from each dreamleaf plant.


  • New ores: [Leystone Ore], [Felslate] (Felstate is a rare spawn of Leystone)
  • Rank 3 perk for these ores is that you get more ores from each node.


Secondary Professions



  • Some recipes are learned by researching. There is an NPC called Nomi in Dalaran, you have to give him cooking ingredient that he will research and turn into recipes for you.
  • Foods with unique buffs: [Bear Tartare], [Fighter Chow], [Crispy Bacon]


  • Every zone have different kind of baits that you can catch. If you catch one of these baits, you can use it to get a buff for 2 minutes, and while the buff lasts, you can catch rare fish like [Ancient Highmountain Salmon]. You will get 5 fishing skill if you throw this fish back into the water.
  • The Wish Remover - Updated Dalaran fountain achievement. You can use items like [Wish Crystal] to make it easier to catch coins.
  • Conjurer Margoss is a fishing related NPC. He is a "Friend" NPC, so there is an associated faction and reputation associated with him. He sells these items: [Sting Ray Pup], [Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder], [Arcane Lure], [Murloc Bobber]
  • New fishing Artifact - A quest unlocks after you reach fishing 800 and catch every rare fish in legion.

First Aid

  • New First Aid recipes: [Silkweave Bandage], [Silvery Salve], [Silkweave Splint]
  • There are wounded NPC quests around the Broken Isles. The wounded NPC quests require you to travel to a specific location on your map and use Legion First Aid items to heal them. You will get 5 first aid skill and 10-30 order resources.