Cataclysm Profession Bonuses/Perks

Each Primary profession gives certain advantages unique to practitioners of that profession. The crafting profession bonuses, by design, are all roughly comparable.


  • Herbalism
    • [Lifeblood] - 480 haste for 20 seconds, 2 minuntes CD.
  • Jewelcrafting
    • There is a Jewelcrafter only gem called:[Chimera's Eye]. It gives +27 stats over the normal gems (or +41 stamina). You can only use 3 of these on your gear. (+81 stat, +123 stamina)
  • Archaeology
    It's not really and eng-game bonus, but currently if you are lucky enough to get the epic items with Archaeology, some of them are better (or almost the same) than the first raid tier weapons/armors. Unfortunately as I mentioned in my Archaeology guide, it takes a lot of time to level this profession and the epic items starts at skill 450, which takes about 20 hours to reach and then then it's all based on luck. Some players got [Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds] as their first artifact after 450, others are solved almost everything and still wasn't lucky enough to get that weapon.