Easier profession leveling in 7.2, Crafted Legendaries

To make it easier to level professions to 800, most recipes will stay orange for 20 more points. This is a huge change! For example, the blacksmithing 780-800 part needed around 120 Demonsteel Bar and 60 Blood of Sargeras at minimum to craft 30 Waistguard. (you probably needed to craft 50 if you were unlucky). But now you will only need 20 Demonsteel Bar and 10 Blood of Sargeras to craft 5 of them.

The rank 2 recipes have the skill ranges that the rank 3 used to have, so if you are really unlucky with the rank 3 Alchemy recipes, now you can level Alchemy to 800 with just the rank 2. Or you can level inscription to 800 without waiting for the Darkmoon Faire.

It seems engineering helms are the only one that didn't change because the helms were already yellow up until 800, so engineering was already easier to level than the other professions. But now with this change you actually don't even have to make helms, because you can make the previous recipe up to 800.

Patch 7.2 Profession changes

  • The Obliterum Forge should now always be available to players, and requires no questline.
  • All item level 815 crafted end-game gear will now be crafted at item level 835.
  • All existing items between item levels 815-830 will retain their existing item level. The first application of Obliterum will bring them up to 840, and the Obliterum cap has been increased to iLvl 875.
  • Some World Quests that are related to Professions now reward 1 skill point in their associated Profession.
  • Many profession World Quests in Dalaran now reward credit for the Kirin Tor emissary.
  • All recipes that are dropped by dungeon end bosses on Mythic difficulty can now drop in that dungeon’s first chest on Mythic Keystone difficulty.
  • Most crafting profession recipes will now grant skill-ups to a higher maximum skill level, making it easier for crafters to reach skill level 800.


  • Mana and Rejuvenation potions can now be used by specs for whom a mana bar is a non-primary resource.
  • The herb reagents required for Potion of the Old War, Potion of Deadly Grace, Leytorrent Potion, and Unbending Potion recipes have been reduced by 50%.


  • You can now get Artifact Power from Archaeology.
  • New Elite digsites have been discovered in the Broken Isles.
  • All enemies summoned by Archaeology can now be killed by multiple nearby players.


  • Nomi now provides [Prepared Ingredients] as part of his work orders, which can be combined to create up to 10 servings of a random recipe known by the player.
  • Hearty Feasts now grant 400 stats (was 150), and Lavish Suramar Feasts now grant 500 stats (was 200).


  • The felslate requirements for the [Failure Detection Pylon] recipe have been reduced by 50%
  • The Chaos Blaster reagent cost has been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Failure Detection Pylon can now be used in Mythic Keystone dungeons.
  • [Sprocket Container] (bags dropped for wearers of the Boon of the Builder enchant) now have a 100% chance to contain a Hardened Felglass.



  • It should now be significantly easier to start the quest to learn 2-star and 3-star Infernal Brimstone mining.
  • The wall forges in the Dalaran blacksmith shop are now usable.


  • The amount of comfort provided by the Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket has been reduced by 20%.

Crafted Legendary Items

You can learn the recipes from you trainer if you reached 800. One of the reagents is [Nethershard Essence], which is sold by Warmage Kath'leen for 8000 Nethershards. The rest of the legendary crafting reagents comes from questing, but you can't talk to Eliezer Hammerbeard who starts these quests until the Nether Disruptor is built on the Broken Shore.

Once your realm finishes building a Nether Disruptor, you can hand in the quest The Nether Disruptor and then you get one [Armorcrafter's Commendation] as a reward. Bring the token to this dwarf and start the questline Fashion History and a Philosophy of Style.

You have to complete Legionfall Supplies quest first to be able to complete the Nether Disruptor quest.