Patch 7.1 Profession Changes

The biggest change in Patch 7.1 is the new Blood of Sargeras trainer, but we also get new recipes for a few professions. Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran now sells trade goods for [Blood of Sargeras].

List of items you can buy:

New profession recipes

You can now upgrade your items with [Obliterum] 8 times instead of 7, allowing a max item level of 855.



  • New food that gives you attack and movement speed buff after you kill something: [Spiced Wildfowl Omelet]. You can buy the recipe from Marin Bladewing at Azsuna if you are revered with the Wardens.
  • Nomi will now always return 1 of the meat you gave him.
  • Nomi can now teach tier 3 recipes such as Nightborne Delicacy Platter, even if you don’t know a required precedent tier 2 recipe, such as Barracuda Mrglgagh.




Fishing New fishing bobbers:

First Aid