Knothide Leather Farming in Burning Crusade Classic

This Knothide Leather farming guide will show you where I farm Knothide Leather in Burning Crusade Classic. All of these farming places below should be pretty decent places for everyone. However, your gear can make a huge difference. Someone with bad gear might prefer places with a lower density of mobs, while players with good gear might want places where they can pull multiple mobs. I recommend checking out multiple places and choose the one you prefer.

Knothide Leather

Shadowmoon Valley

The best place to farm Knothide Leather is in Shadowmoon Valley at Oronok's farm. Each Domesticated Felboars will respawn in 1 minute, so you can basically never run out of them. These boars drop no loot and give no XP, but they are skinnable. You should try the other places in the guide if you also want some BoEs and vendor trash because the only thing you will get here is leathers.

What makes this place really good is the 5 Domesticated Felboars standing close together near Oronok Torn-heart. If your class can pull 5 mobs together and kill them without dying, you can move back and forth between two groups of boars.

Step by step:

  1. Kill the 5 boars near Oronok Torn-heart.
  2. Go to the other side of the mountain, pull 3-4 boar together, then AoE them down.
  3. Go back to the 5 boars where you started.

If you can't handle that many mobs together at once, this place is not that much better than the other places. Maybe even worse because you get no other loot from the mobs.


Another great place to get a lof of Knothide leather is around Garadar in Nagrand. Kill and skin Talbuk Thorngrazer around the marked area.

You will also find a lot of Clefthoof Bull roaming around this area. They have a lower chance to drop Knothide Leather, but they can drop Thick Clefthoof Leather.


There are three good farming places in Netherstorm.

  1. Ripfang Lynx and Barbscale Crocolisk around the Eco-Dome Midrealm.
  2. Talbuk Doe and Talbuk Sire around Stormpsire.
  3. Scythetooth Raptor around the marked area to the north.

Shadowmoon Valley

Kill and skin Greater Felfire Diemetradon around the marked areas in front of the Black Temple.

This place is not recommended for melee classes!

Blade's Edge Mountains

Farming Bladewing Bloodletters and Thunderlord Dire Wolfs in Blade's Edge Mountain is also a decent way to get some Knothide Leather. The mobs are a bit spread apart, but you can use this place as an alternative if everything is taken. Also, these are lower levels than some of the other mobs listed in the guide, so it's better for lower-level players.

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