WotLK Classic Profession Bonuses

As we are getting closer and closer to the launch of WotLK Classic, some of you might be wondering about changing professions, but you don't know yet which one to choose. With the release of Wrath of the Lich king, every profession will have a few profession only bonuses that can only be equipped or used by yourself.

The + number after the items or enchants shows the bonus you get from your profession over the normal enchant/item that everyone can get.

Below you can find the list of every new profession combat bonus.


Flask bonuses with Mixology:

There is also an Alchemist-only reusable flask Flask of the North. This flask increases your spell power by 47, attack power by 80, or Strength by 40 for 1 hour, so you can have the bonuses without using a regular flask.


Blacksmiths can add a socket to their own bracers and gloves.

Using two epic gems gives you one of these bonuses:

  • +40 Strength, Agility, or Intellect
  • +80 Attack Power
  • +46 Spell Power
  • +60 Stamina
  • +40 from any secondary stat. (Crit, Hit, Expertise, etc.)


Just like in TBC, enchanters can enchant their own ring.


Engineering enchants don't stack with normal enchants!


  • Mind Amplification Dish - Gives 45 Stamina and you can Mind Control enemies (10 min CD). Cannot be applied to the crafted epic goggles! 


  • Nitro Boosts - Increase your Critical Strike rating by 24 with an on-use ability to greatly increase run speed for 5 sec (3 min CD).


  • Springy Arachnoweave - Gives 27 Spell Power with an on-use ability to fall slowly for 30 sec (1 min CD). 
  • Flexweave Underlay - Gives 23 Agility with an on-use ability to fall slowly for 30 sec (1 min CD). 



Crafted Items


  • Lifeblood - Uses your skill in Herbalism to absorb energy and nutrients from the earth, healing you for 3600 (increased by maximum health) over 5 sec.


Scribes can craft shoulder enchants.


You can equip 3 from these gems below in any combination, so it can be 3 from the same gem. (the + numbers show the bonus for the 3 gems)


Bracer enchants:

Bracer Resist enchants: