Pilgrim’s Bounty Cooking Leveling Guide 1-300

Cooking can be really boring to level as a high-level player because you have to travel around Azeroth and farm all kinds of meats and eggs for the recipes.

Fortunately, there is a festival called Pilgrim’s Bounty which start at November 21, and ends at November 27. This festival is the best and fastest method to level your Cooking from 1 to 300! The ingredients are so cheap I just wrote estimate numbers, you might need to buy fewer of them.

Pilgrim Cooking Leveling Guide

Go to Undercity/Stormwind, buy the [Bountiful cookbook] - (Alliance Version) from the Pilgrim's Bounty Vendors, open it up and pick up the 5 recipes.

Learn the first recipe called [Spice Bread Stuffing].


  • 280 - 300
    Go back to Undercity/Stormwind, visit your trainer, learn the next rank of Cooking then go outside and hunt Wild Turkeys. They drop [Wild Turkey] and fortunately, it has a 100% drop chance. You will need 20 of them.

    Buy 40 x [Honey] and 20 x [Automnal Herbs].

    Make 20 x [Slow-Roasted Turkeys].

    This is by far the cheapest and fastest way to level cooking you’ll ever get.

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