WoW Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1 - 600

This WoW Leatherworking guide will show you the fastest and cheapest way how to level your Leatherworking skill up from 1 to 600. Updated for WoW patch 5.4

Leatherworking is the best combined with Skinning, it's not required to have skinning, but it's strongly recommended. Check out the Skinning Leveling Guide if you want to level Skinning. You can also buy the materials at the Auction House, but then make sure you have enough gold.

If you are low on gold, I recommend you to try this Gold Making Guide, it can help you to make loads of gold.

If you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt, I recommend you to use a leveling guide. You can level your character to level 90 in 7 days with this guide.

Leatherworking guide sections:

Apprentice 1 - 55
Journeyman 55 - 135
Expert 130 - 210
Artisan 205 - 290
Master 290 - 350
Grand Master 350 - 425
Illustrious 425 - 500
Zen 500 - 600

Approximate Materials Required for 1-600:

  • 57 Ruined Leather Scraps
  • 130 Coarse Thread
  • 15 Medium Hide
  • 75 Salt - vendor
  • 260 Light Leather
  • 160 Medium Leather
  • 197 Fine Thread
  • 31 Gray Dye - vendor
  • 20 Heavy Hide
  • 195 Heavy Leather
  • 410 Thick Leather
  • 145 Silken Thread - vendor
  • 410 Rugged Leather
  • 35 Black Dye - vendor
  • 92 Rune Thread - vendor
  • 100 Knothide Leather Scraps
  • 307 Knothide Leather
  • 28 Fel Scales
  • 320 Borean Leather
  • 50 Savage Leather Scraps
  • 60 Eternium Thread
  • 385 Savage Leather
  • 21 Heavy Savage Leather (110 Savage Leather)
  • 2 Volatile Fire
  • 2 Volatile Air
  • 2 Volatile Water
  • 26 Volatile Earth
  • 65 Sha-Touched Leather
  • 40 Exotic Leather
  • 300 Exotic Leather or Prismatic Scale. (Choose the cheaper one. You can also use 150 Exotic Leather and 150 Prismatic Scale for example)
  • 1 Spirit of Harmony

Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1 - 55

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Leatherworking Apprentice.

Check out my Farming Guides if you wan to farm the leathers instead of buying them.

You should start with Light Leather farming if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 1-20
    19 x [Light Leather] - 57 Ruined Leather Scraps

    Make the next recipe if you don't have Ruined Leather Scraps.

55 - 130

Learn Leatherworking Journeyman.

  • 85-100
    15 x [Fine Leather Belt] - 90 Light Leather, 30 Coarse Thread

    Keep these, you will need them.

Check out my Medium Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

130 - 205

Learn Leatherworking Expert.

Check out my Heavy Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 190-200
    10 x [Guardian Gloves] - 40 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 10 Silken Thread

Check out my Thick Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

205 - 265

Learn Leatherworking Artisan.

Check out my Rugged Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

290 - 350

Visit your trainer learn Leatherworking Master.

Check out my Knothide Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 325-335
    43 x [Heavy Knothide Leather] - 215 Knothide Leather

    Just go to the next step if you didn't reach 335 by making these, but then you will need a few more [Heavy Knothide Leather].

    If one Heavy Knothide Leather is cheaper than 5 Knothide Leather, stop making the Heavy Knothide Leathers when you reach 330, buy them from the Auction House instead.

  • 340-350
    If you don't have that much Fel Scales, you can make [Thick Draenic Vest] up to 345 or 350 if you can't find any Fel Scales in the AH at all.

    14 x [Scaled Draenic Boots] - 28 Heavy Knothide Leather, 28 Fel Scales, 42 Rune Thread

    This recipe goes yellow at 345, so you will need to make a few extra ones. I suggest gathering enough materials for 14.

350 - 425

Visit your trainer and learn Leatherworking Grand Master.

Check out my Borean Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 400-425
    Make any Fur Lining recipe. You can buy the Eternium Threads from the Leatherworking Supply vendor near your trainer.

    Make this one up to 435 if you don't have Savage Leather Scraps. I must mention I think this is a bug because it just seems strange that a recipe, which uses materials that you can buy from the vendor, gives you 35 skill points.

425 - 500

Visit your trainer and learn Leatherworking Illustrious.

Check out my Savage Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 425-435
    10 x [Savage Leather] - 50 Savage Leather Scraps

    Start making the next recipe in the guide if you don't have Savage Leather Scraps, and obviously if you have more Scraps, just make Savage Leather until it turns gray.

  • 450-460
    10 x [Tsunami Boots] - 70 Savage Leather, 10 Eternium Thread

    You can buy Eternium Threads from Leatherworking Supply vendors and you could also make any other item that requires 7 Savage Leather.

  • 460-470
    10 x [Savage Cloak] - 70 Savage Leather, 10 Eternium Thread

    Or any other orange item that requires 7 Savage Leather.

  • 496-499
    1 x [Cloak of Beast] - 8 Heavy Savage Leather, 2 Volatile Earth, 2 Volatile Air, 2 Volatile Water, 2 Volatile Fire

500 - 600

Visit your trainer and learn Zen Leatherworking.

Check your Calendar in-game to see if the Darkmoon Faire is open, the event starts at 00:01 on the Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month.

You can gain +5 skill points by completing a single quest. Click here to read more about the quests.

Visit my Exotic Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 500-526
    13 x [Exotic Leather] - 65 Sha-Touched Leather

    The Fur Lining recipes will become green again at 500. You can make any of those up to 505. You can buy Eternium Threads from Tailoring and Leatherworking supply vendors.

    But if you already have the Sha-Touched Leathers from skinning mobs, just make Exotic Leathers.

From this point I will usually list two recipes because the droprate of Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scale seems pretty close right now. Choose the leather type that's cheaper for you, or if you farm your own leathers mix it up to make use all of your leathers.

  • 570 - 600
    Once you reach 570 you can purchase vendor recipes for the last 30 points (You can actually buy a few of them at 555). The Leatherworking recipes are on a vendor in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You can enter Vale of Eternal Blossoms after completing the quest A Celestial Experience (requires level 87). After you completed the quest, you can find Krogo Darkhide (Horde) in Shrine of Two Moons and Tanner Pang (Alliance) in Shrine of Seven Stars.

    You'll need 1 Spirit of Harmony to purchase a recipe and you only need one recipe. You can get Spirit of Harmony by combining 10 Motes of Harmony. Motes are dropped by every mob in Pandaria, even in dungeons. The drop rate is low, so it may take you 2 hours to collect 10 motes.

    Choose one recipe from the Contender's Armor recipes. It doesn't matter which one because if one of them requires more leathers, it will give you more skill points. You will need around 150 Exotic Leather or Prismatic Scale.

I hope you liked this WoW Leatherworking guide, GZ to 600!

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