Exotic Leather Farming

This Exotic Leather farming guide is made to help you farm Exotic Leather. I decided to search for places with a high density of mobs that I can skin and drop Exotic Leather. I traveled around Pandaria, and after a while, I made a list of places.

Learn Pandaria Skinning from Trapper Ri (Horde) or Hao of the Stag's Horns (Alliance) in The Jade Forest, or from Mr. Pleeb in Valley of the Four Winds. You can skin these mobs below without Pandaria Skinning, but you will get a lot fewer leathers.

Exotic Leather


Before you go anywhere, clear your bags first. That’s because for skinning the animals, you need to loot them first. This means you will gather a lot of junk stuff filling your bags.

Valley of the Four Winds

Skyrange in Valley of the Four Winds is the best place to farm Exotic Leather, but this place is only accessible if you have a flying mount. The Stout Shaghorns located here are roaming in packs of six, but they are not hostile which means you can kill them one by one if you don't have enough AoE DPS to nuke them down. The respawn rate is really fast, it seems like there is always at least one pack up.

Valley of the Four Winds

Kill Wyrmhorn Turtles near the small lake. The respawn rate is really fast, you will never run out of mobs.

Isle of Thunder

To get to the Isle of Thunder, you have to get the quest called the "Thunder Calls" (requires level 35) from Lyalia (Alliance) / Sunwalker Dezco (Horde). But, before you can talk to these NPCs, you might need to speak to Zidormi to show you the Vale of Eternal Blossom before the Black Empire assault. If you go there in the "present Azeroth time " these NPCs might not be there. (depends on your level, I think the new Black Empire assault version activates at level 50)

The quest will lead you to the "The Storm Gathers" quest in Townlong Steppes, once you speak to the NPC there, you will fly to the Isle of Thunder. Next time you come here, there will be a portal to the isle and you won't have to talk to the NPC.

There are about 6-7 Maturing Raptors at this place, but there are always at least 2-3 raptors up. This means if there are only 2 raptors left and you kill one of them, another one will spawn instantly.

Townlong Steppes

Kill Longshadow Mushans and Longshadow Bulls around the Kri'vess tree.

Dread Wastes

Kill scorpions at Dread Wastes.

Contact me if you have other great farming spots!