Frostweave Cloth Farming

I made this Frostweave Cloth farming guide to help out players who want to farm the cloths instead of buying them from the Auction House. I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can kill and drop [Frostweave Cloth]. I traveled around Northrend, and after a while I made a list of places.

This guide is for Retail WoW players only. If you play WotLK Classic, visit my WotLK Classic Frostweave Cloth Farming Guide.

Frostweave Cloth


Farming Frostweave Cloth without [Cloth Scavenging] sucks, the drop rate is just horrible. You can learn this skill by completing the Cloth Scavenging quest, which is given by tailoring trainers at Northrend.


Naxxramas is an introductory level-30+ raid dungeon floating above Dragonblight in Northrend. It's the best place to farm Frostweave Cloth, but only for level 40+ players. If you don't have a high level character, scroll down to the bottom of the guide to find alternative farming places.

Here is a step by step guide how to farm there:

Step 1. Go to Naxxramas in Northrend and set the raid difficulty to 25 before you go in. You can do this by right clicking over your own portrait.

Step 2. Clear the first part of the Plague Quarter and kill Noth the Plaguebringer. Level 85-89 players might need to ask for a friend's help to kill the first boss. You only need to kill it once, so it would only take a couple of minutes.

Step 3. Kill every mob after the first boss, you will find mostly bats there. This is the room where you will come back after you reset the instance. Don't kill the second boss!

Step 4. Run out. Reset the instance by right clicking over your own portrait and click "Reset all instance".

Then switch the raid difficulty to 10 man!

You don't have to switch between 25 man and 10 man from this point. You only have to do that once because sometimes the bats wouldn't respawn if I tried to start in 10 man, but starting on 25 the first time, then switching to 10man seems to fix this problem. The mobs before the first boss's room won't respawn!

Step 5. Go in again, kill the bats, run out, reset the instance. Repeat these steps.

You can only reset an instance 10 times in an hour. You will probably have a lot of downtime if you can clear the mobs really fast. You can go to the other farming places mentioned below until you can reset Naxxramas again. (not Pit of Saron)

Pit of Saron

This place is a bit easier to farm, so it's easily doable for level 40 players because you don't have to kill raid bosses.

The entrance to the tunnel that leads to Pit of Saron is located in Icecrown at 53.51, 89.40, halfway up Icecrown Citadel. You can't enter this dungeon by any means before you have done the quests for The Forge of Souls. You can find the Forge of Souls entrance in the same tunnel. You can get the quest you need to complete from Lady Sylvanas Windrunner inside The Forge of Souls.

Just mount up, gather every mob in the marked area, kill them all, loot, and run out. Reset the instance by right clicking over your own portrait and click "Reset all instance". Repeat these steps. You can only reset an instance 10 times in an hour.


Lower level players should farm Mjordin Combatants at the Savage Ledge in Icecrown (coordinates: 37, 24). The area is phased if you did the quests in Icecrown, so then this place will probably NOT going to work for you.

Sometimes there are too many people farming Mjordin Combatants, then you can try and farm Dark Zealots and Dark Ritualist

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