Stormscale Farming

I made this Stormscale farming guide to help out players who want to farm the leathers instead of buying them from the Auction House. I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can kill and drop [Stormscale]. I traveled around Broken Isles, and after a while I made a list of places.



Keep in mind! In Legion, several people can tag the same mob and still get loot. So, if someone tagged your mob but he didn't loot the corpse, you can't skin the mob.

If you are honored with the Highmountain Tribe, you should get the [Boon of the Butcher] enchant from Ransa Greyfeather at Thunder Totem. It allows you to sometimes loot [Butchered Meat] which can contain extra Leathers and Meats.


There are so many Coldscale Gazecrawlers at this place that you will never have to wait for respawns. The only downside that they cast a nasty stun on you, so make sure to always interrupt their stun when your interrupt/stun is off cooldown! Don't pull more than one if you are a melee and can't AoE stun them while they are casting the stun.


There are two good places at Suramar where you can farm Stormscale.

  • 1. You will mainly farm Meredil Thrashmaw here, but the respawn rate is not fast enough to farm here without downtime. Therefore, while you wait for the respawn, you can make a small lap towards the second stage of the river and kill Lowland Hardshells, then go back to where you started farming. You should try to avoid the Misthollow Hunters in this area, unless you also want to get Stonehide Leather.

    Don't skip the small pool when you start running back to the Meredil Thrashmaws, there are usually 6-7 turtles there.
  • 2. At Sundered Shoals, you will mainly find Coastal Snappers and Leysca Scuttlers. They both drop Stromscale when skinned, so this one is also a decent place for farming. The mobs are a bit spread apart, so it's harder to pull more than one together.


You can find Juvenile Squallhunters, Rampaging Squallhunter and Adult Squallhunter at the marked area. All three drops Stormscale when skinned. If you kill the mobs too fast, you might want to go on the mountain to find more Adult Squallhunter.