Outland Herbalism Leveling Guide 1 - 75

This Outland Herbalism leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Outland Herbalism skill up from 1 to 75.

Outland Herbalism Trainers

You can learn Outland Herbalism from one of these trainers below:

Hellfire Penninsula:

Shattrath City:

You can also learn it from Botanist Alaenra or from Jijia if Botanist Alaenra is hostile to you.

1 - 50

If you have the [Sky Golem] mount, you should use it while leveling herbalism because you can pick herbs without dismounting.

You can actually level all the way up to level 75 in these zones, but I recommend switching to Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley at around 50-55 because you will start getting skill points a lot less frequently from Felweed and Dreaming Glory. Netherbloom in Netherstorm and Nightmare Vine in Shadowmoon Valley will be orange until 75, so you will get skill points every time you find one of those herbs.


Dreamig Glory farming Nagrand

Blade's Edge Mountains

Dreaming Glory farming Blade's Edge

Terrokar Forest

Terocone farming Terrokar Forest

50 - 75


Netherbloom farming Netherstorm

Shadowmoon Valley

Nightmare Vine farming Shadowmoon Valley

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