WotLK Profession Bonuses

As we are getting closer and closer to the lanuch of WotLK, some of you might wondering about changing professions, but you don't know yet which one to choose. With the release of Wrath of the Lich king, every profession will have a few profession only bonuses for level 80 players which are good for high end raiding and some of them for PvP, for example enchants and items that can only be equipped or used by yourself.

Below you can find a list where I tried to gather the current profession bonuses you can get. If you see a + number after the items or enchants, it stands for whats the difference between the binds on pick up and the non bind on pick up items and enchants.

  • Herbalism
    • [Lifeblood]: Heals for 2000 over 5 Seconds, 3 minute cooldown
    • [Fire Leaf]: Reduces your armor by 100%, but increases your attack power by 400 for 10 sec, 1 Min Cooldown
    • [Fire Seed]: Makes you vulnerable to mAgic, but increases your spell power by 200 for 10 sec, 1 Min Cooldown

That was all I could find. Post a comment if I left something out. All the information was gathered from wowhead.