Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1-525

This Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Jewelcrafting skill up from 1 to 525 as inexpensively as possible in Cataclysm Classic.

I recommend trying Zygor's 1-85 Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt. The guide will help you to reach level 85 a lot faster.

Table of Contents

Approximate materials required

This is the list of the approximate materials required to level Jewelcrafting up to 525.






Once you reach Jewelcrafting 20, you can learn the Prospecting ability from your trainer. This will allow you to convert 5 raw ores into gems. For information on prospecting yield from each ore, please see my separate guide:

Prospecting Table for Cataclysm Classic

Jewelcrafting trainers

You can learn Jewelcrafting from these trainers:

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

Leveling Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting

Draenei characters have +5 Jewelcrafting skills because of their passive Gemcutting. An extra 5 Jewelcrafting skill means recipes stay orange for 5 more points, so you can save a lot of gold by doing lower level recipes for 10 more points.

1 - 35

Buy a Jeweler's Kit from the Jewelcrafting Supplies vendor near your trainer or General/Trade Goods vendors.

55x Delicate Copper Wire - 110 Copper Bar

Keep these because you will need them later. But you can stop making them when you reach 35 and only make more if you need it.

35 - 50

15x Tigerseye Band - 15 Tigerseye, 15 Delicate Copper Wire

You can also make 15x Malachite Pendant.

Journeyman Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting. (Requires level 10)

50 - 80

50x Bronze Setting - 100 Bronze Bar

Save these. You will need some of them later.

80 - 100

20x Gloom Band - 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Shadowgem, 40 Delicate Copper Wire

Alternative recipes:

100 - 110

10x Ring of Twilight Shadows - 20 Shadowgem, 20 Bronze Bar

You can also continue to make Ring of Silver Might, or you can switch to Heavy Jade Ring at 105 if you have some Jade.

110 - 120

10x Heavy Stone Statue - 80 Heavy Stone

If Heavy Stone is cheap, then you can make this one up to 130. However, if it's actually really expensive, then you can keep making Heavy Jade Ring and Ring of Twilight Shadows.

120 - 150

30x Pendant of the Agate Shield - 30 Moss Agate, 30 Bronze Settings

Alternative recipes:

Make Amulet of the Moon if 2x Lesser Moonstone is cheaper than one Moss Agate. But this recipe turns yellow at 140, so you might need to make more than 30 of these.

If you prospected your ores, you probably have both gems, so you should make Amulet of the Moon first because it turns yellow sooner, then switch to Pendant of the Agate Shield at around 140.

The Design: Amulet of the Moon is sold by these NPCs. This is also a limited supply recipe, so you must wait for it to respawn if someone bought it before you. I don't know the exact respawn timer, but it's not that long (5-10 minutes)

Expert Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn Expert Jewelcrafting. (Requires level 20)

150 - 180

40x Mithril Filigree - 80 Mithril Bar

Keep these. You will need some of them later. (you might need more depending on which recipes you make)

This recipe will be yellow for the last few points, so you probably won't end at exactly 180, but that doesn't matter. You can still go to the next step after making around 40 of these.

180 - 185

9x Solid Stone Statue - 90 Solid Stone

If you can get cheap Solid Stones, then you could make this one up to 190.

Alternative recipes:

Make a few Blazing Citrine Ring if you have some Citrine left from prospecting.

185 - 210

28x Engraved Truesilver Ring - 28 Truesilver Bar, 56 Mithril Filigree

This recipe will be yellow for the last few points, so you might have to make a few more.

Alternative recipes:

25x Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing - 25 Citrine, 50 Mithril Bar

210 - 220

10x Aquamarine Signet - 30 Aquamarine, 10 Jeweler's Setting

Jeweler's Setting is sold by Jewelcrafting supply vendors. They are usually near the trainers in capital cities.

220 - 225

5x Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior - 5 Aquamarine, 15 Mithril Filigree

Artisan Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn Artisan Jewelcrafting. (Requires level 35)

225 - 250

56x Thorium Setting - 56 Thorium Bar

Stop making these at 250 and only make more if you need them. (you will need around 56)

250 - 260

10x Ruby Pendant of Fire - 10 Star Ruby, 10 Thorium Setting

260 - 281

21x Simple Opal Ring - 21 Large Opal, 21 Thorium Setting

If you have a lot of Azerothian Diamond left, or if it's cheaper than Large Opal, then you can start crafting Diamond Focus Ring when you reach 265. But make sure to keep at least 20x Azerothian Diamond for the next step.

Alternative recipe:

If Azerothian Diamond and Large Opal cost around twice as much as one Star Ruby, then you should continue making Ruby Pendant of Fire up to 275.

281 - 295

20x Diamond Focus Ring - 20 Azerothian Diamond, 20 Thorium Setting

295 - 300

5x Emerald Lion Ring - 10 Huge Emerald, 5 Thorium Setting

Alternatives recipes:

Master Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn Master Jewelcrafting. (Requires level 50)

300 - 320

Cut around 30 from one of these gems:

320 - 325

Make around 5-7 from one of these:

325 - 335

12x Mercurial Adamantite - 48 Adamantite Powder (prospect 240 Adamantite Ore), 12 Primal Earth

Save the 12x Mercurial Adamantite. You will need them at 340.

You can go to the next part even if you didn't reach 335, but you will have to make a few more gems.

335 - 340

Make 5-10 from any of the following gems.

340 - 350

12x Heavy Adamantite Ring - 12 Adamantite Bar, 12 Mercurial Adamantite

You can continue to make the gems above if you didn't reach 350, or you can make a few more rings.

Grand Master Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn Grand Master Jewelcrafting. (Requires level 65)

350 - 395

There are like 50 new gem recipes you can learn from your trainer, so it would be hard to list all of them here. Go to your trainer, learn one from each color, or just one color if you have a lot of gems from one color.

Buy around 60 from the following gems: Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Dark Jade, Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Sun Crystal (don't have to be the same color)

Make around 60x uncommon gems until you reach 395.

395 - 400

Make 5 from any of the following:

These are all yellow recipes, so you might have to make more than 5.

400 - 420

Make around 23 from one of the following:

You might have to make more than 23.

420 - 425

5x Dream Signet - 5 Titanium Bar, 5 Forest Emerald, 5 Dream Shard

Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting

Visit your trainer and learn the new Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting skill. (Requires level 75)

420 - 450

Make around 30 from any of the new Uncommon Gem Cuts you get from your trainer, but try to avoid using Nightstone and Hessonite because you will need more of them later on.

Jasper Ring is the best if you have a lot of Jasper because you can disenchant this ring or sell it to the vendor for 5 gold.

450 - 467

Make around 20 uncommon gems.

467 - 475

8x Hessonite Band - 8 Jeweler's Setting, 16 Hessonite

You can also make Carnelian Spikes if 3 Carnelian is cheaper than 2 Hessonite. You can buy the Jeweler's Setting from the vendor.

475 - 495

20x Nightstone Choker - 20 Jeweler's Setting, 40 Nightstone

Make more Hessonite Band if you have some Hessonite left. You can also start doing the Jewelcrafting Daily quests, you can read about this in the next step. If you are not rushing things, you can buy one rare gem cut and make that recipe up to 500.

495 - 520

Most recipes will be purchased from a vendor from this point. You need to do the Jewelcrafting daily quests to get Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token if you want to buy any of these recipes.

Horde players can find Marith Lazuria at Orgrimmar, and Alliance players can find Isabel Jones in Stormwind. These NPCs start the daily quests, and they also sell the recipes.

Between 495-500, you could also make a few more Nightstone Choker, and then you can make Fire Prism at 500. Fire Prism has a 20-hour cooldown but can contain Chimera's Eye, so you should make Fire Prism every day.

In short, you either make Nightstone Choker between 495-500, or you do the daily quests for 4 days and buy a meta gem recipe, then make that one up to 520.

You can also make any of the following items between 510-520:

Darkmoon Faire Free +5 Profession Skill

Check your Calendar in-game to see if the Darkmoon Faire is open. The event is available every two weeks. It starts on Sunday and lasts for a week.

During the event, you can complete quests for each profession and gain +5 skill points for each. Click here to read more about the quests.

Complete the quest at 520 to save the most gold.

520 - 525

Make five from any of these:

Congratulations on reaching 525! Please send feedback about the guide if you think there are parts I could improve or if you found typos, errors, or wrong material numbers!

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