Ragveil Farming Guide

This Ragveil farming guide will show you the routes that I use for farming Ragveil. There were no major changes to herbs at Outland, so this guide can be used for Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) and Retail WoW.




Because there are so many herbs in Zangarmarsh, you don't actually have to farm the whole zone. I farmed the most Ragveil using this route on the east side of Zangarmarsh.

Ragveil farming Zangarmarsh

You can also use this route as an alternative, but it's really annoying because of all the Glowcap that will show up on your minimap.

Ragveil farming Zangarmarsh 2

This "no-brainer" route is not as good as the previous two because I actually got fewer herbs, but since the route is basically just going around the edges of the map, you can use it while watching Netflix or doing something else.

Ragveil farming Zangarmarsh 3