Sightless Eye Farming Guide

Sightless Eye is a currency that is earned and spent in the Dalaran Underbelly. This Sightless Eye farming guide's main focus is to help you farm enough [Sightless Eye] to buy the recipes needed to level your profession.

Table of Contents

Where is the Dalaran Underbelly (Sewers)?

The Underbelly is the sewer system under Dalaran (Broken Isles, not Northrend Dalaran!) which has its own separate map. There are multiple entrances, but you should enter from the entrance marked below:

How does the Underbelly Work?

When you enter The Underbelly, you will get a [Sewer Guards] or [No Guards] debuff.

  • [Sewer Guards] means the guards are on their posts, and no PvP is allowed.
  • [No Guards] means there is no guards and Underbelly becomes free for all PvP zone.

The NPC called Raethan is the one controlling the guards. You can bribe him to call off guards or call them back for 50 Sightless Eye, but calling on and off the guards have 5 minutes cooldown.

The area near the entrance where Raethan is standing is a sanctuary like the rest of Dalaran, so it will make you unattackable while you remain there. When you go beyond this area, you will become flagged for PvP if the [No Guards] buff is active. (Returning to this area again will make you unattackable again, but only after a 7 seconds delay)

Turning off PvP

Although Dalaran Underbelly is a PvP-related area, PvP is not required to obtain Sightless Eye. You can hire a personal guard for 5 gold from Raethan, and you'll not be flagged for PvP. After you hire a guard, you will get the [Hired Guard] buff for 5 minutes which protects you from other players' attacks. (you cannot attack them either, and you can't open PvP chests) This buff cannot be canceled manually by right-clicking, but it will cancel the buff if you leave the Dalaran Underbelly area.

You will not see the 5-minute timer of the [Hired Guard] buff on yourself. But the guard following you will show the countdown buff when you target him/her.

Farming Sightless Eyes


Several mini-bosses spawn randomly and drop 60-90 Sightless Eye.

These bosses only spawn when the [Sewer Guards] is active.

When one of these bosses spawn, the boss will be marked with a big yellow star on your map and your minimap. The spawn rate depends on how many people are in the zone, but one usually spawns after 1-5 minutes. They spawn fairly frequently, and sometimes there are even 2 of them up.

You can buy [Wild Mana Wand] from Dazzik "Proudmoore" for 175 Sightless Eyes and use it on any bosses. This wand will increase the boss's health by 200% and damage dealt by 50%, but you will also get 180-210 Sightless Eye instead of 60-90.

However, you should never buy this wand if your main goal is to buy profession recipes. It's mainly for those who want to get the achievement [Underbelly Tycoon] that requires you to loot 20000 Sightless Eye. For those players, it's worth it because it tracks the number of Sightless Eye looted, not the number you have in your inventory.

You can't use the wand on bosses below 90% health, so if you are the first to get to a Boss, you should wait until someone uses a wand. (you will see the boss gets bigger)


Farming Bosses is the best way to get Slightles Eye, so you should avoid bribing Raethan to call off the guards.

When the [No Guards] debuff is active, you can farm Sightless Eye by killing other players, and you get from 15 to 50 Eyes for each kill. (you will not get any Sightless Eyes from kills if you are in a raid group)

Chests will spawn throughout the Sewers during [No Guards] buff. (can't open these with hired bodyguard)

  • Small Chest - 10 x Sightless Eyes
  • Medium Chest - 40 x Sightless Eyes
  • Large Chest - 100 x Sightless Eyes


You can fish Slightles Eye from the Swirling Whorl pools in the waters around the Black Market Auction House.

Pet Battles

Defeating Blind Rat pets in the Underbelly in a pet battle will reward 75 Sightless Eyes. (only the Rats give Sightless Eyes, so don't fight the Turtles)


There are a few items that will summon numerous mobs around the sewers that anyone can engage. All of these mobs drop Sightless Eyes (1-10), but it's not worth summoning them yourself unless you are going for the [Underbelly Tycoon] achievement. You will always end up with fewer Sightless Eye in your inventory, so it will just take more time to buy the profession recipes.

These items are:
[Widowsister Contract] sold by The Widow
[Screecher Whistle] sold by Strap Bucklebolt
[Imp-Binding Contract] sold by Matthew Rabis
[Croc Mojo] sold by K'huta


You can find Fizzi Liverzapper in the Alchemist Lab at The Underbelly. She sometimes offers you the quest Experimental Potion: Test Subjects Needed. This quest doesn't really require you to do anything and rewards 150 Sightless Eye. It's totally random when this quest shows up. It's not on a set timer.

You will also get a buff that will transform you into various creatures granting different Experimental Potion buffs for 20 minutes. Buff persists through death and is working only in The Underbelly.

Most of these buffs are useless for farming Sightless Eye, but if you get the buff that transforms you into a Tuskarr, you can fish Sightless Eyes from open water in the Underbelly. (this means you don't have to fish in the small green pools)