Volatile Fire Farming

This Volatile Fire farming guide will show you the places I use for farming Volatile Fire. There were no major changes to Volatile drop rates in Cataclysm zones, so this guide can be used for Classic and Retail WoW.

Volatile Fire

Twilight Highlands

Fishing in Pool of Fire at Twilight Highlands is the best place to farm Volatile Fire. Look very closely at the lava or turn on your fish finder, and you'll see "pools of fire". They look like yellow rings of flame and are the same size as a regular fish school that you'd see in water.

They are often farmed by other players but if you can do this alone, you will get 100+ Volatile Fire in an hour.

If your fishing skill is only 1, you can still fish in Pool of Fire. Each pool contains 2-4 catches, each of which will be 1 or 2 Volatile Fire. The location have 4 pool spawning points, but no more than 2 pools will be visible at one time, and none may be visible if pools have recently been fished empty. Pools respawn approximately 12-15 minutes.

Kill Enslaved Infernos while you wait for the pools to respawn because they can also drop Volatile Fire. (14% drop rate)

Pools of Fire

Farming Unbound Emberfiends

Farming Unbound Emberfiends is also a really good place if you would just rather farm mobs instead of fish, or you play on a high population realm where the pools are farmed by a lot of other players.

Mount Hyjal

  1. Flame Ascendants in Mount Hyjal have low HP and they respawn really fast. There are around 8-9 of these guys at the marked area, they spawn pretty close to each other. The best way to farm here is to kill 1-3, loot them, then mount up and move to the next spawn point. Just move in a circle around the spawn points.

  2. Pool of Fire spawn points in Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal

A good alternative is farming Flame Terrors and Brimstone Destroyers in Mount Hyjal, but you can only see these mobs if you completed the starting quests at Mount Hyjal, and then I think you also need to complete the quest chain Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!.

These mobs are not yet in Cataclysm Classic. They will be added in a later patch (Firelands patch).

Contact me if you have other great farming spots!