Volatile Life Farming

I made this Volatile Life farming guide to help out players who want to farm [Volatile Life] instead of buying them from the Auction House.

Volatile Life


Zul'Gurub - dungeon

This farming place is for Retail WoW players only. If you play Classic, scroll down a bit for the other farming places. But, for retail players, this is the best farming place. They can ignore the rest of the guide. (assuming you have a high-level character)

Since patch 8.0.1, you can only get one [Hive Queen's Honeycomb] a day. Not sure yet if this is intended, or a bug. But you can keep killing Tor-Tun, he will drop Volatile Earth 10 times.

Zul'Gurub is a level 35 heroic dungeon, so you should be able to solo this instance at around level 40. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find alternative farming methods if you don't have a high level character.

The entrance to this dungeon can be found in Northern Stranglethorn at the coordinates 72 33. (picture of the exact location)

/way Northern Stranglethorn 72 33

First, you have to set the instance difficulty to Heroic (right click your portrait). This dungeon doesn't have a Normal mode, so you can't enter until you set the difficulty to Heroic.

There are two elites mini-bosses in Zul'gurub that you can kill and drop volatiles every time:

Don't kill any other bosses or you can't reset the instance!

After you killed one of these bosses, or both of them, you can go outside and reset the instance by right clicking over your own portrait then click the "Reset all instance" button. This restarts the whole instance and all mobs will be back. You can only do 10 instance runs in an hour, so you will have to wait a bit since one runs usually won't take longer than 2 minutes and you will hit the instance cap in like 20 minutes.

Farming with Herbalism

If you have herbalism, you can also farm Volatile Life by picking herbs. I recommend these two zones, but you can farm any other Cataclym herbs.

Whiptail - Uldum

IMPORTANT! High level players will see the patch 8.3 version of Uldum that has different herbs. You can talk to Zidormi to switch between the new and old low-level phase of Uldum. (if you open the map, she will be marked with a white text bubble at Ramkahen)

Heartblossom - Deepholm