Savage Leather Farming Spots

This Savage Leather farming guide is made to help you farm Savage Leather. I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can skin and drop Savage Leather. I traveled around Azeroth, and after a while I made a list of places.

The recommended Skinning skill is 425 for farming, else you will get a lot of leather fragments.

So, where to farm Savage Leather?

Savage Leather

Before you go anywhere, clear your bags first. That’s because for skinning the animals, you need to loot them first. This means you will gather a lot of junk stuff filling your bags.

You can find a few more great farming spots at my Blackened Dragonscale farming guide. Mobs that drop Dragonscale also drop Savage Leather.

Tol Barad Peninsula

  • Mob levels: 85

The Tol Barad is located with the rest of the Cataclyzm zone portals (just above the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar and on the island to the north-east of the Dwarven District in Stormwind) You have to be level 85 to use the portal. Kill Darkwood Lurkers and Darkwood Broodmothers.

Molten Front

  • Mob levels: 85

There is a place at Molten Front with a lot of Cinderweb Creeper and a few other kind of spiders.

You cannot go to Molten Front until you do some questing in Mount Hyjal. Read this guide if you want to unlock this area.

Twilight Highlands

  • Mob levels: 84

Animals southeast of Kirthaven: Highland Worgs, Highland Elks, Tawny Owls and Untamed Gryphons


  • Mob levels: 83

At the Pale Roost, stone giants are throwing rocks and knocking down Stone Drakes. When the drakes land, they will have about 50k HP left. They drop only Savage Leather or Blackened Dragonscale, no leather scraps. The drakes have a really fast respawn rate, and for elites, they are very easy to kill.

Mount Hyjal

  • Mob levels: 80-81

If you are not level 85 yet Mount Hyjal is the best place to farm Savage Leather.

You cannot farm at the place below if you have done all the quests at Hyjal, if this is the case then you should go to near Sulfuron Spire and farm Young Twilight Drakes, just click on the link and you will see the location. There are two drakes there and both have about 10-20 second respawn rate, this means if you kill them too fast you will have to wait a few seconds until they respawn.


  • Mob levels: 80-81

Shimmering Expanse, tons of Sandskin Pincers and Snapjaw Groupers. This is the best place for lower level players if you can't go to Hyjal.

Contact me if you have other great farming spots!

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