Thick Leather Farming Spots

This Thick Leather farming guide is made to help you farm [Thick Leather]. I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can skin and drop Thick Leather. I traveled around Azeroth, and after a while I made a list of places.

So, where to farm Thick Leather?

Thick Leather

Before you go anywhere, clear your bags first. That’s because for skinning the animals, you need to loot them first. This means you will gather a lot of junk stuff filling your bags.


The best place to farm Thick Leather is in Badlands. If you kill Nyxondra's Broodling near New Kargath, you will get Thick Leather 90% of the time. They are only a few feet apart from each other and they will respawn before you clear the area.

Un'goro Crater

Another good place is in Un'goro Crater. The Ravasaurs there drop the same amount of Thick Leather as the whelps in Badlands, but they are far from each other and it's a bit harder to kill them.

These are my favorite places for Thick Leather farming. Contact me if you have other great farming spots!

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