Leather Farming Guides

This Leather farming guide will show you the best farming spots for each Leather type, each guide has detailed maps and list of the best farming places. I made this guide to help those players out who want farm the Leathers instead of buying them from the Auction House.

I assume you already have Skinning, but if you did not start to level it yet, you can visit my Skinning leveling guide and start to level Skinning until you reach 100, so you can skin every beast for the first low level leathers.

Leather Farming Guides

Check out the Leatherworking leveling guide if you want to level Leatherworking.

Leather farming guides

Light Leather farming
Medium Leather farming
Heavy Leather farming
Thick Leather farming
Rugged Leather farming
Knothide Leather farming
Borean Leather farming
Savage Leather farming
Exotic Leather

Rare leathers

Heavy Hide
Fel Scales
Blackened Dragonscale

You can also acces all of these guides at the Farming Guides page!