Enchanting leveling guide 1-110 with no cost

I made this Enchanting guide because on some realms Strange Dust is really expensive and I found a great way to get a lot of Strange Dust for cheap. You will also be able to make some gold with this method and you will level your Enchanting from 1 to 110 without any cost at all. I needed an Enchanter character to disenchant a lot of the items I stacked up in my bank, so I picked up Enchanting for my Warlock. I opened my Enchanting leveling guide, then I head over to the Auction House to buy some [Strange Dust]. I was shocked, it was really expensive. I decided to not buy them from the AH, so here is what I have done.

Level Tailoring and make Brown Linen Pants

I picked up Tailoring with one of my alt and I bought around 20 stack of [Linen Cloth]. It sells for between 50 and 90 silver on my realm, so the 20 stack cost me roughly 18 Gold.