Patch 7.1 Profession Changes

The biggest change in Patch 7.1 is the new Blood of Sargeras trainer, but we also get new recipes for a few professions. Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran now sells trade goods for [Blood of Sargeras].

List of items you can buy:

New profession recipes

You can now upgrade your items with [Obliterum] 8 times instead of 7, allowing a max item level of 855.


Legion Profession Changes - Overview

Professions in World of Warcraft Legion will be drastically different than how they worked in Warlords of Draenor with garrisons. This guide provides an overview of the new items and professions changes in Legion.

Profession Quests

  • Each profession will get a unique quest line, these quests will immerse your character in the story and they will try to mimic what you would do if you had that profession in real-life. (like smelting different kind of metals, and ores for blacksmithing)
  • You learn most recipes from quests, but there are still a few recipes that drops from creatures.
  • These are not max. level quests, you can start doing them as you level up, but there are level requirements for later quests so you can't finish them all at level 100.

New improved crafting UI

  • There is a new Unlearned tab where you can check which recipes you are missing and where to get them.
  • The new profession window is much larger.
  • Filter options for slots, category, and sources.
  • Many new categories for recipes.

Recipe Ranks

  • Most Legion recipes now have 3 ranks.
  • Higher rank recipes allow you to craft an item for fewer materials, or you get more potions/food for the same amount of material.

Raw Beast Hide Farming

I made this Raw Beast Hide farming guide to help out players who would rather farm the leathers instead of buying them from the Auction House. I traveled around Draenor, searching for places with a high density of mobs that I can skin and drop Raw Beast hide.

WoD: Guide to Followers with Profession Traits

As I mentioned in my previous article, you can assign a follower with a profession perk to your level 2 garrison buildings for an added bonus. One bonus is that you have a chance to get 2 extra resource from your work orders. The chance for getting an extra resource is only 50% if you have a level 90 follower, but it will increase to 100% when you level your follower to level 100. For the Mine and Herb garden, the bonus is that you will get 8 herb/ore from your work orders instead of 5.

Warlords of Draenor: Crafting System Changes

Everything will be heavily tied to your garrison in the new Warlords of Draenor expansion, and professions are no exception, you can't craft anything without your garrison. Below you will find explanation for the most important changes to the crafting system.

Profession skill level requirements removed

You can craft most new recipe from skill one. (skill requirements for old recipes remain unchanged) This is probably the biggest change, because you no longer have to spend thousands of gold to level your profession skill up. Your skill level now determines how many resource you get from doing your daily profession cooldown. There are some recipes for inscription and engineering that still requires 600 skill.

Work orders and daily cooldowns

Work orders and profession daily cooldowns convert raw materials like herbs and ores to a more useful reagent. Almost every new high level item you can craft requires this reagent generated from doing work orders, or your profession daily cooldwon, these reagents binds on pickup (except enchanting and alchemy).
  • Work orders: