Rousing Earth Farming Guide

This Rousing Earth farming guide will show you the places where I farm Rousing Earth in Dragonflight.

Awakened Earth comes from combining 10 Rousing Earth, so if you need Awakened Earth, you have to farm Rousing Earth.

Rousing Earth

Rousing Earth

The Waking Shore

All three of these places in the Waking Shore are good sources of Rousing Earth.

Every single mob inside this cave can drop Rousing Earth. A few Cindershard Hulk elites are patrolling inside the cave, you can avoid pulling most of them, but I would recommend killing the two patrolling in the middle and leaving the rest of them alone.

The Crushing Elementals in this area are a bit far from each other, so it's harder to pull them together, but they respawn fast. There are also a bunch of elite mobs there. Try not to pull them.

There are a lot of Unsettled Rubble and Displaced Earth mobs around this camp. The respawn rate seems to be fast enough that you don't have to wait, but they respawn a bit far from each other, so you have to move a lot.