Rousing Frost Farming Guide

This Rousing Frost farming guide will show you the places where I farm Rousing Frost in Dragonflight.

Awakened Frost comes from combining 10 Rousing Frost, so if you need Awakened Frost, you have to farm Rousing Frost.

Rousing Frost

Rousing Frost

The Azure Span

The Calving Elementals just near camp Antonidas are hyperspawning mobs, so you can farm here without downtime, you can find them around that small icy lake. There is also a large quest mob at the exact location with more HP than the rest of the mobs. It can also drop Rousing Frost, so you can just AoE it down with the rest of them.

The Waking Shore

The Tormented Steam mobs are hyperspawning at the marked location. You can never run out of them.

There are also Provoking Flame mobs at the same location, they are all fighting each other, so you pretty much have to kill those too. They drop Rousing Fire.