Armorsmith Specialization in WoW Classic

Armorsmithing is a Blacksmithing specialization that allows access to craft powerful armor recipes. This guide will show you step by step how to become an Armorsmith in Classic WoW.

You must level your character to level 40 and have at least 200 Blacksmithing skill before you can choose a Blacksmithing specialization. Check out my WoW Classic Blacksmithing leveling guide if your skill is not high enough.

Armorsmith quest

To become an Armorsmith, you must first talk to Krathok Moltenfist in Orgrimmar or Myolor Sunderfury in Ironforge and click on "I wish to become an armorsmith".

Then go to the nearby Armorsmith trainer Grumnus Steelshaper (Alliance) or Okothos Ironrager (Horde) and pick up the quest The Art of the Armorsmith.

To complete the quest, you will need:

Where to learn recipes?

You have to complete a long quest chain for "The Mithril Order" if you want to learn to craft the recipes required to complete the Armorsmith quest.

But, you don't actually have to craft these yourself to get credit for completing the quest. You just have to have the items in your inventory. You can ask someone who already completed the quests to craft them for you, or you can buy all of them from the Auction House.

Required material list

This is the full list of materials required to complete both the "The Mithril Order" quests below and The Art of the Armorsmith quest above.

The quests are different for the two factions, so Horde Armorsmiths require these extra materials:

The Mithril Order quest chain

I just want to mention again that these quests are not required to become an Armorsmith. The only requirement to become an Armorsmith is to complete The Art of the Armorsmith quest.

If you know someone who already completed the quests, or you can buy the armors from the Auction House, you don't have to complete this quest chain.

1. Intro quests in Capital City


Pick up the quest The Origins of Smithing from Hank the Hammer in Stormwind. (Requires Blacksmithing 210)

Craft 6x Golden Scale Bracers - 30x Steel Bar, 12x Heavy Grinding Stone.

Complete the quest and pick up In Search of Galvan.


Pick up the quest The Old Ways from Aturk the Anvil in Orgrimmar. (Requires Blacksmithing 210)

Craft these to complete the quest:

Complete the quest, then talk to Ox and pick up the quest Booty Bay or Bust!

2. Booty Bay

Go to Booty Bay and find McGavan. He is behind all the shops. Go up to the cave where you leave Booty Bay, but instead, go to the right on the trail. /way 28.8 75.4

Turn in Booty Bay or Bust! / In Search of Galvan, then accept The Mithril Order.

3. Stranglethorn Vale

Go and find Galvan the Ancient in Stranglethorn Vale. /way 50.6 20.6

Turn in The Mithril Order, and three new quests will open up:

Complete the three quests, then accept Galvan's Finest Pupil. You can actually accept this quest after you complete any of the quests above, but you will need the rewards from all three, so don't leave until you complete all three!

4. Gadgetzan

You will need Blacksmithing 235 to craft every item for this part, and make sure you learned the Mithril Coif, Heavy Mithril Boots, and Heavy Mithril Breastplate recipes from your Blacksmithing trainer!

Find Trenton Lighthammer in Tanaris at Gadgetzan. He is standing outside by the forge.  /way 51.4 28.6

Accept these three quests:

Craft these items:

Turn in the three quests to get the Ornate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Helm, and Ornate Mithril Breastplate recipes. 

5. Back to the Capital City

You can now make all the gear needed to become an Armorsmith so return to Orgrimmar / Stormwind and make these:

Talk to Grumnus Steelshaper (Alliance) or Okothos Ironrager (Horde) to complete The Art of the Armorsmith and you will become an Armorsmith!