Tribal Leatherworking in Classic WoW

This guide will show you the materials, quests, and recipes needed to become a Tribal Leatherworker in Classic WoW.

Total materials required

Wild Leather Guests

To become a Tribal Leatherworker, you must first complete the prerequisite Wild Leather quests.

Make sure that you have all the needed materials before you head out, or you will have to travel back to the Auction House to buy more.

Go to Feralas and find Pratt McGrubben / Jangdor Swiftstrider.

Complete all 7 of the following quests:

The Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves is the only recipe that you have to buy. The rest of them are taught by your trainer. The quest giver NPC sells the recipe, but it's a limited supply item, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. The re-stock time is random, but it's around 30 minutes. (or buy it from the Auction House)

Go to Darnassus Thunder Bluff, find Telonis Una and complete the last quest Master of the Wild Leather.

Tribal Leatherworking Trainers

Craft 1x Wild Leather Vest and 1x Wild Leather Helmet and deliver them to Caryssia Moonhunter Se'Jib to learn Tribal Leatherworking.


You can find the Alliance Tribal Leatherworking Trainer Caryssia Moonhunter in Feralas.


You can find the Horde Tribal Leatherworking Trainer Se'Jib in Stranglethorn Vale.