Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1 - 75

This Cataclysm Jewelcrafting leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Cataclysm Jewelcrafting skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as possible.

Often the materials are based on a case that you will gain one skill point each craft. This won't happen, so you will have to buy a few extra materials while you are leveling your Cataclysm Jewelcrafting.

Jewelcrafting Trainers

You can learn Cataclysm Jewelcrafting from one of the trainers in the main cities of old Azeroth. If you are having trouble finding the trainer just walk up to a guard in any major city and ask where the Jewelcrafting trainer is. Asking the guard will place a red marker on your map at the trainer's location.

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

Leveling Cataclysm Jewelcrafting

Draenei characters have +10 Jewelcrafting skill because of their passive Gemcutting. An extra 10 Jewelcrafting skill means recipes stay orange for 10 more points, so you can save a lot of gold by doing lower level recipes for 10 more points.

1 - 18

Make around 30 from any of the new Uncommon Gem Cuts that you get from your trainer, but try to avoid using Nightstone and Hessonite because you will need more of them later on.

Jasper Ring is the best if you have a lot of Jasper because you can disenchant this ring, or sell it to the vendor for 5 gold.

18 - 35

17 x Hessonite Band - 34 Hessonite

You can also make some Carnelian Spikes if 3 Carnelian is cheaper than 2 Hessonite.

35 - 50

15 x Nightstone Choker - 25 Jeweler's Setting, 30 Nightstone

You might need to make a few more.

Rare Cataclysm gems are cheap on most realms, so making The Perforator between 40-50 seems a very good alternative recipe

50 - 70

Most recipes will be purchased from a vendor from this point. You need to do the Jewelcrafting daily quests to get Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token if you want to buy any of these recipes.

Horde players can find Marith Lazuria at Orgrimmar, and Alliance players can find Isabel Jones in Stormwind. These NPCs start the daily quests, and they also sell the recipes.

You have to do the daily quests for 4 days and buy a meta gem recipe, then make that one up to 70. It doesn't matter which meta gem recipe you buy, but make sure to buy a recipe that costs exactly 4Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token. Meta gem recipes have "Shadowspirit Diamond" in their name.

Example: 20 x Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond - 20 x Shadowspirit Diamond

Alternative recipes

You can also make any of the following items between 60-70.

70 - 75

Make any of the following:

I hope you liked this Cataclysm Jewelcrafting guide, congratulations on reaching 75!

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