Draenor Alchemy Leveling Guide 1-100

This Draenor Alchemy leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Draenor Alchemy skill up from 1 to 100 as inexpensively as possible.

Alchemy is the best combined with Herbalism. You can save a lot of gold if you level these two professions together because you can farm all the needed herbs. 

Often the materials are based on a case that you will gain one skill point each craft. This won't happen, so you will have to buy a few extra materials while you are leveling your Draenor Alchemy.

Learning Draenor Alchemy

You can learn Draenor Alchemy from the [A Treatise on the Alchemy of Draenor] scroll.

There are three ways to obtain this scroll:

  • You can buy it from the vendor near your Alchemy trainers at Ashran. Alliance players can find Katherine Joplin at Stormshield, and Horde players can find Joshua Alvarez at Warspear. (Learn Alchemy first from the trainer near the NPCs)

  • If you build an Alchemy lab at your garrison, you can buy the scroll from one of the NPCs at your Alchemy Lab. Complete the "Your First Alchemy Work Order" quest first, or the NPC won't sell you anything. (You also must learn Alchemy first from any Alchemy trainer)

  • If you are still leveling your character, you can loot a quest item to start a quest chain.

1 - 55

Goblin characters have +15 Alchemy skill because of their passive [Better Living Through Chemistry]. An extra 15 Alchemy skill means recipes stay orange for 15 more points. You can save a lot of gold by doing lower level recipes for 15 more points.

List of my Draenor herb farming guides: Frostweed farming, Fireweed farming, Starflower farming, Gorgrond Flytrap farming, Talador Orchid farming, Nagrand Arrowbloom farming

55 - 100

Buy one of the flask recipes from Katherine Joplin (Alliance) at Stormshield or Joshua Alvarez (Horde) at Warspear, with the [Secret of Draenor Alchemy] you made previously.

You basically have to make 45 from one of these flasks, or you can mix it up and make like 25 each, but then you have to wait at least 4 days to buy all recipes.

I hope you liked this Draenor Alchemy leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 100!

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