Outland Alchemy Leveling Guide 1 - 75

This Outland Alchemy leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Outland Alchemy skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as possible.

Alchemy is the best combined with Herbalism. You can save a lot of gold if you level these two professions together because you can farm all the needed herbs. 

Often the materials are based on a case that you will gain one skill point each craft. This won't happen, so you will have to buy a few extra materials while you are leveling your Outland Alchemy.

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Approximate Materials Required:

  • 44 x Felweed
  • 14 x Golden Sansam / 14 x Dreamfoil / 14 x Mountain Silversage (you only need 14 from one)
  • 10 x Golden Sansam
  • 10 x Terocone
  • 80 x Dreaming Glory
  • 10 x Netherbloom
  • 40 x Nightmare Vine

Outland Alchemy leveling 1 - 75

Go to Outland and find Lorokeem in Shattrath City, then learn Outland Alchemy.

Goblin characters have +15 Alchemy skill because of their passive [Better Living Through Chemistry]. An extra 15 Alchemy skill means recipes stay orange for 15 more points. You can save a lot of gold by doing lower level recipes for 15 more points.

List of my Outland herb farming guides if you have herbalism:

1 - 15

Choose from one of the recipes below:

15 - 25

10 x [Elixir of Healing Power] - 10 Golden Sansam, 10 Dreaming Glory

25 - 35

10 x [Elixir of Draenic Wisdom] 10 Terocone, 10 Felweed

Make [Mad Alchemist's Potion] if you have a lot of Ragveil.

35 - 40

5 x [Super Healing Potion] - 10 Netherbloom, 5 Felweed

Make the previous recipe 5 more times if you don't have Netherbloom.

40 - 55

15 x [Super Mana Potion] - 30 Dreaming Glory, 15 Felweed

[Recipe: Super Mana Potion] is sold by Daga Ramba (Horde) and Haalrun (Alliance).

IMPORTANT: Horde players should also buy [Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion] because you will need it in the next step.

These are a limited supply recipes, so if someone bought them before you, then you have to wait for them to respawn. (roughly 30 min)

55 - 75

40 x [Major Dreamless Sleep Potion] - 40 Dreaming Glory, 40 Nightmare Vine

[Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion] is sold by Daga Ramba (Horde) and Leeli Longhaggle (Alliance)

This is a limited supply recipe, so if someone bought it before you, then you have to wait for it to respawn. (roughly 30 min)

This recipe will be green for the last 5 points, so you might have to make more.

I hope you liked this Outland Alchemy leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 75!

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