Northrend Blacksmithing Leveling Guide 1-75

This Northrend Blacksmithing leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Northrend Blacksmithing skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as possible.

Approximate Materials Required

This is the list of the approximate materials required to level Northrend Blacksmithing up to 75. Some recipes won't give you skill point every single time, so you might have to buy a few extra materials.

Check out my Cobalt Ore farming guide or the Saronite Ore farming guide if you want to farm the ores.

Northrend Blacksmithing Trainer

You can learn Northrend Blacksmithing from Alard Schmied at Dalaran (Northrend). The same NPC exists at Broken Isle Dalaran, but he won't teach you Northrend recipes.

Racial Bonuses

There are 3 races with extra Blacksmithing skill as their racial trait. Any extra Blacksmithing skill means recipes stay orange for more points. You can save some gold by doing lower level recipes for more points.

Leveling Northrend Blacksmithing

1 - 45



1-5 4x Cobalt Gauntlets - 20x Cobalt Bar
5-10 5x Spiked Cobalt Boots - 35x Cobalt Bar
10-15 5x Spiked Cobalt Shoulders - 35x Cobalt Bar

5x Notched Cobalt War Axe - 50x Cobalt Bar

Make Deadly Saronite Dirk if Saronite Bar is cheaper than Cobalt Bar.

20-25 5x Deadly Saronite Dirk - 35x Saronite Bar, 10x Crystallized Air
25-30 5x Horned Cobalt Helm - 40x Cobalt Bar
30-40 10x Deadly Saronite Dirk - 70x Saronite Bar, 20x Crystallized Air
40-45 5x Tempered Saronite Gauntlets - 70x Saronite Bar

45 - 50

5x Titanium Weapon Chain - 10 Saronite Bar, 5 Titanium Bar

Alchemists can transmute 8x Saronite Bar into 1x Titanium Bar and this transmute doesn't have a cooldown.

Make 5x Daunting Handguards if you don't know any alchemist, or if Titanium Bar is expensive at the Auction House. Or any other Ornate Saronite and Savage Saronite armor that requires 12x Saronite Bar and 1x Eternal Water/Fire/Shadow. I recommend Daunting Handguards because Eternal Earth is usually really cheap.

50 - 55

5x Daunting Handguards - 60 Saronite Bar, 5 Eternal Earth

55 - 70

17x Daunting Legplates - 238 Saronite Bar, 17 Eternal Earth

This recipe will be yellow between 60-70, so you probably have to make more than 15, usually 17-19. You can also make any other armor that requires 14x Saronite Bar and 1x Eternal Water/Fire/Shadow, but Eternal Earth is usually the cheapest.

70 - 75

17x Daunting Legplates - 238 Saronite Bar, 17 Eternal Earth

You will still be making the Daunting Legplates but the recipe will be green, which means the number of items crafted will vary from person to person. I never had to craft more than 17, but you might get unlucky with skill gains and you have to craft more.

And just like before, you can also make any other armor that requires 14x Saronite Bar and 1x Eternal Water/Fire/Shadow.

Congratulations on reaching 75! Please send feedback about the guide if you think there are parts I could improve, or if you found typos, errors, or wrong material numbers!

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