Shadowlands Alchemy Guide

Shadowlands Alchemy

This guide provides an overview of the additions and changes to Alchemy in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Table of Contents

General Changes

  • All potions now have a 5-minute cooldown and they are no longer limited to one use per encounter. Combat potions, such as primary stat potions and mana potions are still on a separate cooldown from health potions.

  • There are no Rank 2 and Rank 3 Alchemy recipes in Shadowlands, each recipe only has one rank.

  • Speed, stealth, and invisibility potions from old expansions no longer work above level 50, you will have to use the new Shadowlands potions.

Shadowlands Alchemy Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Alchemy from Elixirist Au'pyr in Oribos at the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: 39.6, 40.2)

Oribos is the new Shadowlands city hub for both factions. You will arrive there after you finish the Shadowlands intro quests, so you can learn the new profession recipes before you head out questing.

Elixirist Au'pyr

Acquiring recipes

In Shadowlands, every recipe only has one rank, and you can learn most of them from your trainer. This makes leveling professions much easier since you don't have to grind reputations to get higher rank recipes.

These 3 recipes below are the only ones that you can't learn from your trainer:

Optional Reagents

These reagents change the item level of a crafted armor or weapon. (You can actually downgrade an item's item level and its level requirement if you use a lower level optional reagent)

These 3 optional reagents below can only be used to craft items from Shadowlands. All 8 manufacturing professions can craft these, so they are not exclusive to Alchemy.


There are two new Alchemy transmutes Shadestone and Shadowghast Ingot. Both of them have a 1-day cooldown.

Shadestone is used for crafting your Alchemy trinket Spiritual Alchemy Stone and the Eternal Cauldron.

Shadowghast Ingot is mainly used for crafting Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing legendary items, and also used for some of the higher level rare Blacksmithing armors. But, Blacksmiths can make the same item without the 1 day cooldown, so this transmute seems pretty useless right now.

Utility potions


These are used in Alchemy transmutes.

Combat Potions and Oils

Embalmer's Oil and Shadowcore Oil are a new type of consumable buffs that you can apply to your weapon.

  • Embalmer's Oil - Apply to a weapon for 1 hour, giving you a high chance to heal yourself for 330 when you deal damage or healing. If already at full health, instead grants an absorb shield for 330.
  • Shadowcore Oil - Apply to a weapon for 60 min, giving you a high chance to deal an additional 220 Shadow damage when you damage an enemy. (5 Sec Cooldown)

While your weapon is augmented with these Oils, consuming some of these potions below will have an increased effect.


Instead of 3 different flasks for each primary stat, the new flask Spectral Flask of Power gives the primary stat (agility/intellect/strength) that your spec uses. There is also a new stamina flask Spectral Flask of Stamina that is much cheaper to make than the primary stat flask.

Alchemy Trinket

The new Alchemy Trinket is the Spiritual Alchemy Stone. There is nothing new or fancy about this trinket, it works just like every other alchemy trinket. You get +40% mana and health from potions, and it can be used for transmutations in place of a Philosopher's Stone.