Shadowlands Enchanting Guide

Shadowlands Enchanting

This guide provides an overview of the additions and changes to Enchanting in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Table of Contents

Shadowlands Enchanting Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Enchanting from Imbuer Au'vresh in Oribos in the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: 48.4, 25.9)

Oribos is the new Shadowlands city hub for both factions. You will arrive there after you finish the Shadowlands intro quests, so you can learn the new profession recipes before you head out questing.

Imbuer Au'vresh

Acquiring recipes

All new recipes only have one rank, and you can learn most of them from your trainer. This makes leveling professions much easier since you don't have to grind reputations to get higher rank recipes.

These 2 recipes below are the only ones that you can't learn from your trainer:

Enchanting Reagents

The Eternal Crystal Shatter and the Sacred Shard Shatter recipe will available at the start of the expansion, so you can break down crystals into shards and shards into dust. 

Reagents created by Enchanters

Shadowlands Enchanters can create 3 new Enchanted Reagents that are used in Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Tailoring recipes.

Optional Reagents

These reagents change the item level of a crafted armor or weapon. (You can actually downgrade an item's item level and its level requirement if you use a lower level optional reagent)

These 3 optional reagents below can only be used to craft items from Shadowlands. All 8 manufacturing professions can craft these, so they are not exclusive to Enchanting.

Shadowlands Enchants

Cloak Enchantments

Chest Enchantments

  • Sacred Stats - +20 all stats
  • Eternal Insight - +20 Intellect and gives your spells and abilities a chance to deal additional shadow damage.
  • Eternal Bulwark - +25 Armor and +20 Strength or Agility. (highest stat is always chosen)
  • Eternal Stats - +30 all stats
  • Eternal Bounds - +20 Intellect and +6% mana pool.
  • Eternal Skirmish - +20 Strength or Agility and give your auto-attacks and auto-shots a chance to deal additional shadow damage.

Bracer Enchantments

Glove Enchantments

Boot Enchantments

Ring Enchantments

Weapon Enchantments

  • Celestial Guidance - Increase your Primary Stat by 5% when attacking, or using spells and abilities.
  • Ascended Vigor - Sometimes increase your healing received by 12% for 10 sec when taking damage.
  • Eternal Grace - Sometimes cause a burst of healing on the target of your helpful spells and abilities. Health split evenly amongst nearby allies.
  • Lightless Force - Chance to send out a wave of Shadow energy in front of you, striking the first 5 enemies when using offensive spells and abilities.
  • Sinful Revelation - Sometimes cause your attacks to reveal the sins of your target, causing them to suffer an additional 6% damage from you for 10 sec.