Shadowlands Engineering Guide

Shadowlands Engineering

This guide provides an overview of the additions and changes to Engineering in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Table of Contents

Shadowlands Engineering Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Engineering from Machinist Au'gur in Oribos in the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: 38.1, 44.7)

Oribos is the new Shadowlands city hub for both factions. You will arrive there after you finish the Shadowlands intro quests, so you can learn the new profession recipes before you head out questing.

Machinist Au'gur

Acquiring recipes

All new recipes only have one rank, and you can learn most of them from your trainer. This makes leveling professions much easier since you don't have to grind reputations to get higher rank recipes.

These 3 recipes below are the only ones that you can't learn from your trainer:


The new ores are a bit different from ores in previous expansions because 4 of them are zone specific.

You can buy Luminous Flux and Machinist's Oil from Distributor Au'burk. He also sells a few Twilight Bark but in limited supply, so he won't always have it.

Immortal Shard for the Belt Attachments is sold by Distributor Au'resh.

Auctioneer accessible only to Engineers

You will find Photonic Gearhaggle the Holographic Auctioneer in Oribos standing near your Engineering trainer. He is accessible only to Engineers, but you don't have to level Engineering, there is no Engineering skill requirement to access this NPC, the only requirement is that you have to have Engineering as a profession.

Optional Reagents

These reagents change the item level of a crafted armor or weapon. (You can actually downgrade an item's item level and its level requirement if you use a lower level optional reagent)

These 3 optional reagents below can only be used to craft items from Shadowlands. All 8 manufacturing professions can craft these, so they are not exclusive to Engineering.

Engineering Schematics


  • Nutcracker Grenade - Inflicts 3480 Nature damage to all enemies in a 5-yard radius. (5 Min Cooldown)
  • Shadow Land Mine - Place a mine on the ground that explodes when an enemy steps on it, dealing 3480 Shadow damage to all enemies in a 5-yard radius and blasting them away. (5 Min Cooldown)
  • Bomb Bola Launcher - Launch a set of tethered bombs straight ahead, wrapping around the first enemy hit and exploding after 5 seconds, dealing 3480 Fire damage to nearby enemies. (5 Min Cooldown)

Belt Attachments

Every Belt Attachments have a 2-minute cooldown.



  • 50UL-TR4P - Place a containment device on the ground that, once armed, will activate when an enemy steps on it, banishing them for 1 min.
  • Gravimetric Scrambler Cannon - Destabilizes gravity around a target location, hindering nearby enemies' movement for 10 sec, launching them in random directions, or throwing them up in the air.
  • Momentum Redistributor Boots - Redistributes a significant portion of the damage you would take from your next fall into nearby enemies. Lasts 10 sec.
  • Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator - Rephases the anima strings on a target that recently died, restoring them to life with 60% health and 20% mana. Castable in combat.
  • Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands - Teleport to any zone in the Shadowlands, including Oribos and the Maw. 15 minutes CD.

Engineering Goggles

A new set of ilvl 151 Engineering Goggles.


Engineering Pet

Schematic: PHA7-YNX requires an Exalted reputation with The Ascended faction.