TBC Classic First Aid Leveling Guide 1-375

This TBC Classic First Aid leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to get your First Aid skill up from 1 to 375 in Burning Crusade Classic.

Since First Aid does not take up one of the two profession slots, every player can get it without penalty. It's recommended to all classes to reduce downtime between battles by quickly restoring health after combat. It is highly recommended for melee classes without healing abilities.

I recommend trying Zygor's 1-70 Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt. The guide will help you to reach level 70 a lot faster.

Approximate Cloths Required



First Aid Trainers

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

First Aid Leveling

1 - 75

Journeyman First Aid

Visit your trainer and learn Journeyman First Aid.

75 - 150

Training First Aid above 150

Learn the Silk Bandage recipe from your trainer before you leave!

You can train First Aid past 150 with the Expert First Aid - Under Wraps book.

The book is sold by Deneb Walker (Alliance) in Arathi Highlands, and Balai Lok'Wein (Horde) in Dustwallow Marsh. These vendors also sell the next two bandage recipes, so make sure to buy all three! If you are low level, you can buy the book at the Auction House instead of wasting lots of time running to the vendor. (or if you are lazy like me)

Buy the following three books:

Right-click on the Expert First Aid - Under Wraps in your bag, then you can continue making Silk Bandages. (you have to go back and visit your first aid trainer if you didn't learn the Silk Bandage recipe)

150 - 225

Training First Aid above 225

You can train First Aid above 225 and learn Artisan First Aid by completing the Triage quests.

Upon reaching a First Aid skill of 225 and level 35, you can start the Alliance Trauma / Horde Trauma quest (optional). These quests will lead you to Triage / Triage in Dustwallow Marsh or Arathi Highlands.

Bring everything you need to skill up to 290, as you will need to learn several recipes later from the quest giver NPCs Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen / Doctor Gregory Victor, so bring around 100 x Mageweave Cloth and 70 x Runecloth with you.

You can find Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh at Theramore Isle. He is inside the main keep where all the guards are practicing outside, NOT the giant tower. Go inside and hook a right, then a left, and he's in that corner room. Doctor Gregory Victor is in Arathi Highlands at Hammerfall, walk inside the village, and turn left. He's inside the building to the left, just past the entrance.

How to complete the Triage Quest

A few tips for you to make the quest easier:

Undead patient --> Critically Injured - Critically injured patients will die after you heal 2 other patients.
Troll patient --> Badly Injured - Badly injured patients will die after you heal 4 other patients.
Orc patient --> Injured - Injured patients have a long time before they die.

Using that basic knowledge, you can prioritize which ones to heal first and next. However, if you start from the left and then continue doing them all, they usually won't die before you have finished your round. I did it this way and completed it the first time around.

  • Press CTRL + V to activate the health bar over the patients' heads for easy health monitoring or tick "Show NPC names" in Interface Options.
  • Pull your camera out to third person so you can see as much of the room as possible.
  • Put the triage bandages the doctor gave you in your action bar. Do not use your own. You can also bind it to any key.
  • Position yourself in the middle of the room.
  • When you see another patient, left-click on them to pre-select them, and as soon as your current heal has finished, click the bandages in your action bar, and the pre-selected one will begin to heal. Saves valuable seconds this way.
  • Once you saved 15, turn in the quest immediately. I failed it on my druid because I waited, and 6 patients died while I waited, which turned 'completed' to 'failed'.

225 - 300

Master First Aid (300-375)

There aren't any First Aid trainers in Classic TBC. To learn the new TBC First Aid skill and train above 300, you have to buy the book Master First Aid - Doctor in the House. It's sold by these two NPCs below.

  • Horde: Aresella in Hellfire Peninsula at Falcon Watch. /way #100 26.2 62.0
  • Alliance: Burko in Hellfire Peninsula at the Temple of Telhamat. /way #100 22.4 39.2

They also sell Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage and Manual: Netherweave Bandage, so make sure to buy them before you leave! You will need both of these to level First Aid to 375.

300 - 375

Congratulations on reaching 375! Please send feedback about the guide if you think there are parts I could improve, or you found typos, errors, wrong material numbers!

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