TBC Classic Leatherworking leveling guide 1-375

This TBC Classic Leatherworking leveling guide will show you the fastest and cheapest way to level Leatherworking up from 1 to 375 in Burning Crusade Classic.

Leatherworking is the best combined with Skinning, and I highly recommend to level these professions together. It will be a lot easier to get the needed leathers if you have Skinning.

I recommend trying Zygor's 1-70 Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt. The guide will help you to reach level 70 a lot faster.

Guide sections:

List of materials required

This is the list of the approximate materials required to level Leatherworking up to 375.

Classic (1-300)

TBC (300-375)

Leatherworking trainers

You can learn Leatherworking from any of these NPCs below. Just click on any of the links to see the trainer's exact location. You can also walk up to a guard in any major city and ask where the Leatherworking trainer is, and then the trainer will be marked with a red flag on your map.

Classic Trainers (1-300)

In Burning Crusade Classic, you can learn Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan Leatherworking from trainers in every major city. You don't have to visit different trainers anymore.



TBC Classic Trainers (300-375)

You can learn Master Leatherworking in Hellfire Peninsula from Barim Spilthoof at Thrallmar and from Brumman at Honor Hold. And both factions can learn it from Darmari in Shattrath City.

Apprentice Leatherworking

1 - 55

NOTE: You can buy the threads, dyes, and salt from Leatherworking Supply vendors near your trainer.

  • 1-20
    19x Light Leather - 57 Ruined Leather Scraps

    Make the next recipe if you don't have Ruined Leather Scraps.

Journeyman Leatherworking

Visit your trainer and learn Journeyman Leatherworking. (Requires level 10)

55 - 100

50x Embossed Leather Gloves - 150 Light Leather, 100 Coarse Thread

100 - 120

25x Fine Leather Belt - 150 Light Leather, 50 Coarse Thread

Keep the Fine Leather Belt until you read the 120-135 part because you might need them to make Dark Leather Belt.

120 - 135

20x Dark Leather Boots - 80 Medium Leather, 40 Fine Thread, 20 Gray Dye

Alternative recipe

If 1x Medium Hide is cheaper than 16x Medium Leather, then you can make these recipes:

The Dark Leather Belt requires Leatherworking 125 to learn. If you couldn't buy that many cheap Medium Hides, or you were really unlucky with the skill gains, you might have to make a few Dark Leather Boots to reach 125.

Expert Leatherworking

Visit your trainer and learn Expert Leatherworking. (Requires level 20)

135 - 155

155 - 165

20x Cured Heavy Hide - 20 Heavy Hide, 60 Salt

You will need the Cured Heavy Hides later.

Alternative recipes

Below you can find an alternative way if you don't have any Heavy Hides at all, which is usually the case since Heavy Hide has a pretty low drop rate. But if for example, you can get 5 Heavy Hides, you should stop making Barbaric Leggings at 195 and start making Guardian Gloves.

Pattern: Barbaric Leggings is sold by these NPCs.

165 - 205

  • 190-200
    10x Guardian Gloves - 40 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 10 Silken Thread

Artisan Leatherworking

Visit your trainer and learn Artisan Leatherworking. (Requires level 35)

205 - 235

40x Nightscape Headband - 200 Thick Leather, 80 Silken Thread

You need a bit more Silken Thread to make these compared to the Thick Armor kits, but you can sell the Headbands to the vendor for a lot more, so they are actually cheaper than making the armor kits.

Leatherworking Specializations

Once you reach Leatherworking skill level 225 and character level 40, you can choose one of the three Leatherworking specializations: Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal. Each specialization gives access to a specific set of patterns. (Choosing one is optional, you don't need it to level Leatherworking. You can choose later too)

For information on how to choose a specialization, please see my separate guide:

Leatherworking Specializations in TBC Classic

235 - 300

Burning Crusade Classic (300-375)

You can learn Master Leatherworking in Hellfire Peninsula from Barim Spilthoof at Thrallmar, and from Brumman at Honor Hold. And both factions can learn it from Darmari in Shattrath City.

300 - 325

Before making the armor kits, turn all your Knothide Leather Scraps into Knothide Leather if you farmed the leathers.

30x Knothide Armor Kit - 120 Knothide Leather

The recipe will be yellow, so you might have to make a few more.

Alternative recipe:

Rugged Leather will probably be a lot cheaper at the start of the expansion than Knothide Leather, so you can make Wicked Leather Belt up to 325 if you can get a lot of cheap Rugged Leather. You will need around 400x Rugged Leather to reach 325.

You can actually make them up to 330 because the recipe is still yellow at that point, but you will need to craft some Heavy Knothide Leather for leveling Leatherworking anyway, so the 325-335 part is basically "free".

325 - 335

222x Heavy Knothide Leather - 1110 Knothide Leather

The Pattern: Heavy Knothide Leather is sold by Cro Threadstrong in Shattrath City. It's a limited supply pattern, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. The re-stock time is between 2 and 6 minutes.

You can stop making Heavy Knothide Leathers when you reach 335 and make the rest of them later.

335 - 350

20x Thick Draenic Vest - 280 Knothide Leather, 60 Rune Thread

It will be yellow for 10 points so you might have to make a few more to reach 350.

You can buy Rune Thread from the Leatherworking supply vendor near your trainer.

350 - 365

50x Heavy Knothide Armor Kit - 150 Heavy Knothide Leather

This one is green for the last 5 points, so you might have to make more (or fewer). It's usually between 35 and 60.

365 - 370

6x Drums of Battle - 36 Heavy Knothide Leather, 24 Thick Clefthoof Leather

The recipe is sold by Almaador in Shattrath City. It requires an Honored reputation with The Sha'tar faction.

You might have to make 1 or 2 extra if you are unlucky with the skill gains.

370 - 375

You can actually just keep making the previous recipe if you don't want to farm Keepers of Time reputation but the previous recipe will be green for the last 3 points, so you will have to make a lot more Drums to reach 375.

6x Drums of Panic - 36 Heavy Knothide Leather, 24 Fel Hide

The recipe is sold by Alurmi, she is INSIDE Caverns of Time. Requires honored reputation with the Keepers of Time faction.

It will be yellow so you might have to make 1 or two extra if you are unlucky with the skill gains.

Congratulations on reaching 375! Please send feedback about the guide if you think there are parts I could improve, or you found typos, errors, wrong material numbers!

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