Guide to Tailoring Specializations in TBC Classic

Once you reach level 60 and Tailoring 350, you may begin a quest to learn one of three specializations: Mooncloth Tailoring, Shadoweave Tailoring, or Spellfire Tailoring.

Table of Contents

1. Benefits of Specializations

Any tailor with the required skill (350) can make Primal Mooncloth, Shadowcloth, or Spellcloth. However, one of the benefits of each specialization is getting two pieces of that specialization's cloth with one set of materials.

The other benefit is that each specialization can craft an epic quality 3-piece gear set. The recipes and pieces for each set are BoP and are tailor-only.

Mooncloth Tailoring Shadoweave Tailoring Spellfire Tailoring

Cloth set for Healing.

Cloth set for Shadow and Frost spell damage.

Cloth set for Fire and Arcane spell damage.

2. Specialization Quests

The three NPCs who start the quests are standing almost next to each other in Shattrat City, so it's pretty easy to spot them.

2.1. Mooncloth Tailoring

You can learn Mooncloth specialization by completing the Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor quest for Nasmara Moonsong.

To complete the quest, go to the Cenarion Refuge Moonwell (see the location below), open the Primal Mooncloth Supplies, and right-click on the Square of Imbued Netherweave to create a sample.

Moonwells at Outland

Primal Mooncloth can only be crafted at Moonwells.

2.2. Shadoweave Tailoring

You can learn Shadoweave specialization by completing the Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor quest for Andrion Darkspinner.

To complete the quest, go to the Altar of Shadows in Shadowmoon Valley (see the location below) and use the Crystal of Deep Shadows quest item.

Altar of Shadows

Shadowcloth can only be crafted near the Altar of Shadows in Shadowmoon Valley.

2.3. Spellfire Tailoring

You can learn Spellfire specialization by completing the Becoming a Spellfire Tailor quest for Gidge Spellweaver .

To complete the quest, go anywhere in Netherstorm and use the Nether-wraith Beacon quest item, kill the Furious Nether-wraith that spawns, then loot the Nether-wraith Essence.

Spellcloth can only be crafted at Netherstorm, and crafting one will always spawn an Angered Nether-wraith. So make sure to kill this mob because it will drop Mote of Fire, Mote of Mana.

3. Changing specialization

Changing Tailoring Specializations is very simple.

Go back to Shattrath City and talk to the NPC who taught your current specialization. It will cost 150g to unlearn the current specialization at level 70 and 20g to learn a new specialization. You don't have to do any additional questing.

WARNING: Unlearning a particular specialization will disable your ability to use the items previously crafted under that school.