Guide to Blacksmithing Specializations in WotLK Classic

At Blacksmithing skill 200 and character level 40, you can specialize in Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing to craft several different weapons or armor. This guide will show you the benefits of both specializations to help you choose between the two.

Table of Contents

Which specialization is the best?

There is no clear winner between the two, but I recommend choosing Weaponsmith because a better weapon is usually more DPS upgrade than any armor.

Blacksmithing specializations are not as useful in WotLK Classic as they were in Burning Crusade, so choosing a specialization is not that important in WotLK. You can craft every epic level 80 gear without a specialization, so it's entirely optional to choose one. The only benefit you will get is some leveling gear.

Full list of Armorsmith and Weaponsmith recipes

Weaponsmith recipes

Recipe Reagents Skill
Light Earthforged Blade 12x Mithril Bar, 4x Core of Earth 260
Light Emberforged Hammer 12x Mithril Bar, 4x Heart of Fire 260
Light Skyforged Axe 12x Mithril Bar, 4x Breath of Wind 260
Great Earthforged Hammer 12x Adamantite Bar, 6x Primal Earth 260
Lavaforged Warhammer 8x Adamantite Bar, 6x Primal Fire 330
Skyforged Great Axe 10x Adamantite Bar, 6x Primal Air 330
Stoneforged Claymore 10x Adamantite Bar, 6x Primal Earth 330
Stormforged Axe 8x Adamantite Bar, 3x Primal Water, 3x Primal Air 330
Windforged Rapier 6x Adamantite Bar, 6x Primal Air 330
Corroded Saronite Edge 16x Saronite Bar, Crystallized Fire 415
Corroded Saronite Woundbringer 14x Saronite Bar, Crystallized Fire 415
Saronite Mindcrusher 20x Saronite Bar, 2x Crystallized Fire 415

Armorsmith recipes

Recipe Reagents Skill
Earthforged Leggings 16x Mithril Bar, 2x Core of Earth 260
Windforged Leggings 16x Mithril Bar, 2x Breath of Wind 260
Heavy Earthforged Breastplate 8x Adamantite Bar, 4x Primal Earth 330
Stormforged Hauberk 8x Adamantite Bar, 2x Primal Water, 2x Primal Air 330
Chestplate of Conquest 14x Saronite Bar, 2x Crystallized Earth 415
Legplates of Conquest 13x Saronite Bar, 2x Crystallized Earth 415

Specialization Quests

For information on how to become an Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith, please see my separate guides:

Armorsmith Quest Weaponsmith Quest

Changing Blacksmithing Specialization in WotLK

You can switch your Blacksmithing specialization without dropping Blacksmithing. To cost of changing a specialization is 100 Gold for level 70 players and 50 gold for level 60 players.

To change your specialization, you must first talk to the trainer who taught your current specialization to unlearn it. If you are swapping from Weaponsmithing to Armorsmithing, you must unlearn both the weapon sub-specialization and weaponsmithing.

List of trainers:

Once you drop a specialty, you can choose a new specialty at no cost. You don't need to complete the quests for the other specialty if you wish to switch.

Talk to Krathok Moltenfist in Orgrimmar or Myolor Sunderfury in Ironforge to change to a different specialization.