Raw Seraphic Wing Farming Guide

I made this Raw Seraphic Wing farming guide to help out players who want to farm meat instead of buying them from the Auction House. I traveled around the Shadowlands to search for places with a high density of mobs that drop Raw Seraphic Wing. Below you will find a list of places I think are the best for farming Raw Seraphic Wing.

Raw Seraphic Wing

Raw Seraphic Wing

One mob can't drop more than one meat, and the drop rate of Raw Seraphic Wing and other Shadowlands cooking ingredients are a lot lower than the BfA cooking materials drop rate was. Don't expect getting as much meat as in BfA!

Bastion - 1

The best way to get a lot of Raw Seraphic Wing is by farming Anima-Starved Cloudfeather and Anima-Starved Wyrm inside Kala's Den in Bastion. There are always at least 4-5 mobs up inside the cave, and a new one will instantly spawn if their numbers would go below that. Extremely good farming place, it actually might get nerfed.

Make sure that you also kill the Anima-Starved Cloudfeather that sometimes patrols back and forth towards the cave's entrance. (it will force more mob spawns)

Bastion - 2

Farming Languishing Etherwyrms and Starved Etherwyrms around the marked area is also a great place to farm Raw Seraphic Wing. The mobs are needed in one of the starter quests in Bastion, so this area will be pretty busy at the start of the expansion.