Dragonflight Fishing Profession and Leveling Guide 1-100

This Dragonflight Fishing leveling guide will show you how to level Dragonflight Fishing up to 100 and list some new additions to fishing in Dragonflight.

Dragonflight Fishing Trainers

Leveling Fishing

You can level your Dragon Isles Fishing from 1 to 100 in any fishable water at any of the new Dragonflight zones. (Valdrakken, The Walking Shores, The Azure Span, Ohn'ahran Plains).

  1. Go to the nearest water.
  2. Find the fishing skill icon in your spellbook (P) at the profession tab.
  3. Drag this icon to somewhere on your action bar.
  4. Stand in front of the lake/river and press the fishing button.
  5. Mouse over the lure in the water, and when it splashes, right-click on it.

It takes around 50-60 minutes to reach Dragon Isles Fishing 100.

Dragonflight Fishes

The new fish are not restricted to one zone. Instead, there are freshwater and saltwater fishes. You can catch them in every zone.

Ribbed Mollusk Meat comes from opening Dull Spined Clam. This is also something that you can catch everywhere.

Iskaara Tuskarr Fishing

Building a reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr will unlock new fishing spots.

Fish Fished in Reputation
Prismatic Leaper Prismatic Leaper Schools in high areas. Renown 6
Frosted Rimefin Tuna Rimefin Tuna Pool in cold areas. Renown 10
Magma Thresher Magma Thresher Pools in lava-bound areas Renown 15


Skinners with the Harvesting -> Lure Crafter specialization can craft lures.

Lures Increase the chance of catching a specific fish for 30 min.

Rare items from Fishing

You have a low chance of getting a Draconic Recipe in a Bottle while fishing. You will get one Profession recipe from each bottle that you can sell at the Auction House.

You can get Copper Coin of the Isles, Silver Coin of the Isles, and Gold Coin of the Isles from fishing. You can trade these with The Great Swog for treasure bags.